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SAPPHIRE Super Penthouse goes on sale


The SAPPHIRE is an extraordinary project in Germany’s capital. The unforgettable architecture in the shape of a rough diamond on the historic Chausseestraße in Berlin, which forms the centre of the city and for decades marked a boundary between East and West, emerges as the heart of the Mitte district. None other than Daniel Libeskind was commissioned to build the SAPPHIRE. International architecture lovers and friends of the city on the Spree have already secured an apartment in this finely polished jewel. Only now has one penthouse just been made available for sale.

After architecture projects such as the Dancing Towers in Seoul, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and the Ground Zero Master Plan in New York, Libeskind reveals that he was happy to be able to build dozens of museums worldwide. However, he sees the greatest challenge in the design of living spaces which are inhabited by people.

Libeskind developed his first (and perhaps only) residential building in Berlin on Chausseestraße, just a few meters from where the Berlin Wall used to stretch. SAPPHIRE bears the corners and edges characteristic of Libeskind's work, so that the body of the building resembles a polished jewel, a sapphire. The SAPPHIRE has become an architectural jewel with a design that inspires people worldwide thanks to its translucency and opacity, softness and resistance, and above all with its courage.

The only remaining penthouse from the project - the SAPPHIRE Super Penthouse - is owned by the developer and is only now being put on the market. Covering an area of almost 300 square metres with 7-metre high ceilings, the property delivers unparalleled individuality. “To realise this kind of a project you first need a property developer with a tremendous amount of courage and vision. With a top-class architect like Libeskind you can only plan unique properties. In the near future these kinds of buildings will no longer be developed in Berlin because the costs for complex architecture are extremely high and no longer fit into current business plans. The risk of erecting an eccentric building is no longer taken by property developers in today's market and in view of the current building regulations in Berlin,” explains Alexander von Albert, the project broker responsible, who works closely with the property developer to market the building to a selective clientele.

The high-tech building with its facade technology, which has never been seen before in Germany, has also really splashed out on the penthouse features as Berliners would say. The Libeskind experience includes a gallery level with a view of the large and impressive living area, a partially roofed 60m² roof terrace, plus further terraces, a gym and a whirlpool on the roof area with a panoramic view, one hundred percent privacy possibility thanks to blackout blinds, fully automatic air and cooling circulation, an extravagant Varenna /Poliform kitchen worth €100,000, high-end bathroom fittings, panelled walls, an individual colour, lighting and furnishing concept tailored to its future occupant, a high-tech security system, two safes, two underground parking spaces and, of course, a comprehensive concierge service. “The building is not square, has no standard format and no standard fittings. It is a gemstone and the SAPPHIRE Super Penthouse is the most valuable piece of the stone. Because of this, it is perfect for an eccentric - someone who appreciates and understands architecture.”

The SAPPHIRE Super Penthouse is the result of a real estate boom in the capital, which has blossomed due to the country's excellent overall economic performance, a low interest rate policy and an extreme backlog of catch-up demand from the past. It has now become saturated due to a reduced number of available building plots and particularly strong demand from home and abroad, and is leading to increasingly cautious construction methods, which are almost exclusively intended to deliver guaranteed economic results.

Even more reason for the SAPPHIRE Super Penthouse to be celebrated as unique. For the staging, Christian Lemke by RE-Vamp was commissioned and the internationally renowned artist Christian Awe. Awe is a Berlin native and graduate of the Berlin University of the Arts under Georg Baselitz and Gerhard Richter and an authority in the international urban art scene. In his works he uses acrylic and spray paint to create extraordinarily colour-intensive paintings. The ever-changing interplay of light in the SAPPHIRE Super Penthouse now illuminates a selection of Awe’s works.

Von Albert Real Estate isn't inviting you to visit this object at regular viewing sessions, but rather to an art show with an aperitif to enjoy sunset on the roof terrace... By exclusive invitation only!

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