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NewDirt Joins theBrokerList as Marketplace Partner—Called “ for Commercial Real Estate.”


CHICAGO, July 25, 2014— NewDirt, a free, ratings-based online service that connects retail, restaurant and lodging brands with commercial properties, has joined Chicago-based theBrokerListas its newest Marketplace partner.

NewDirt Founder and CEO Dave Cattell describes the website as “ for commercial real estate.”

NewDirt assigns star ratings to commercial sites based on criteria set by brands. Once a brand completes its criteria, NewDirt’s algorithms review every site submitted to that brand and assign a rating from one to five stars. Cattell says, “Geography is first. Everything else can be perfect, but if it’s not the right location then obviously it gets a low rating.”

Many brokers still send unsolicited site submittals to brand property managers, regardless of how well the site might fit the brand’s needs. “A lot of people still use the shotgun approach,” says Cattell, “which is a polite term for throwing a bunch of crap against the wall to see if anything sticks.”

An experienced corporate real estate manager with companies such as KFC and Ruth’s Chris, Cattell decided in 2009 to build a website that would save both brokers and brands all that wasted effort.

“We’re excited to have NewDirt join our Marketplace partners,” says theBrokerList Founder and CEO Linda Day Harrison. “Anyone who builds structure and efficiency into the site submittal process is doing something right in our book!”

435 brands have signed up with NewDirt, including well-known chains such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Chuck E. Cheese’s, Chick-Fil-A and The Little Gym. “Right now, if you call Little Gymwith a site,” says Cattell, “you get transferred to an outbound voicemail that tells you to submit your site to NewDirt.”

Harrison says, “Members of theBrokerList who represent potential sites for retail, restaurant and lodging brands should take a few minutes and sign up with NewDirt. It could save you plenty of time and money by helping you target your submissions, and you might just close a deal or two that wasn’t even on your radar screen.”

“And it’s free—so what’s stopping you?”

Cattell adds, “I know a lot of people in the CRE business are fairly conservative. But I wanted to build a new way to do this, because I understand where the pain is at in this industry.”


About theBrokerList:  Founded in 2011, theBrokerList is the commercial real estate community’s first free online platform for finding brokers, deals, services and vendors. Founder Linda Day Harrison, a career commercial broker in Chicago, saw the need for an online community where brokers could connect with each other and with vital services and tools to make them more productive. She also made it theBrokerList’s mission to bring awareness and attention to the commercial real estate field, which is too often lumped in with residential realty. With more than 1500 members, theBrokerList continues to grow rapidly, offering members pages where they can publicize their listings, property types needed and completed transactions. The website’s marketplace lists carefully screened vendors, and its blog is a forum where members and visitors can read some of the latest ideas in commercial real estate.

About NewDirt:  Long-time corporate real estate manager Dave Cattell founded NewDirt in 2009. New Dirt creates a productive environment where both buyers and brokers get what they want without wasting time, by assigning star ratings to commercial sites based on criteria set by retail, restaurant and lodging brands. Brokers can send targeted site submittals directly to decision makers for a prompt response. Buyers clearly communicate their criteria and get the convenience of reviewing only sites they want to see—when they want to see them. Identifying feasible deals and quickly moving to direct negotiations is what everyone wants.


Linda Day Harrison

Dave Cattell

07/25/2014 - 19:31



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