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Megalytics Launches SaaS CRE Tenant Monitoring Platform


Megalytics New Product Enables Proactive Tenant Management

Chicago IL. (December 2, 2018) – Megalytics, Inc., the leading commercial real estate Business Intelligence and Risk Mitigating Platform, has announced today the launch of its CRE Tenant Monitoring Portal.

Donna Salvatore, CEO of Megalytics, says that, “Our clients want to be more proactive in their tenant management and they are concerned that the value of their properties could precipitously drop if a key tenant were to default and they had no early warning mechanism.  Our tenant monitoring solution can track any and all tenants of any size.  It can be set up with different levels of alerts based on the severity, such as a text message for a bankruptcy to an email for a merger/acquisition to and on-line dashboard for all news and other items. Dashboards can be set up to monitor entire properties, a portfolio, just the key tenants, or by property type or by asset manager.  There is tremendous flexibility and our tenants love the quality of the information, both positive and negative.  One client was surprised to find out that the tenant had taken on an enormous amount of secured debt reducing their position in the event of a bankruptcy.  We are very excited with this new service offering, which is very quick to set up and super easy to customize.”

Emad Malek, COO of Megalytics, says “The new platform taps data from numerous sources real-time, near-real time or whenever they become available. It automatically and continuously scans, classifies and filters volumes of data and delivers alerts, reports and notifications to our clients covering all their tenants.

The SaaS model gives maximum flexibility to our clients to monitor an unlimited number of tenants, generate on-demand reports for specific type of events and subscribe for push alerts for a specific event they deem relevant to their decision making process.

Whether you are portfolio manager, asset manager or property manager, gone are the days where you have to manually research and predict the health of your rent roll. You can now forecast your rental revenue probability on much more solid basis and adjust based on comprehensive current information.”

Megalytics, Inc. is a Chicago based company founded in 2014 to address the growing need for data driven solutions, business intelligence and increased transparency in the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. Megalytics provides automated due diligence and unique insights used for underwriting tenants, properties, locations and submarkets. Utilizing our proprietary algorithms and scoring, we use machine learning and augmented intelligence to extract data, real time, from a multitude of data sets, big and small and wide, to offer the most comprehensive, granular analysis available in the industry today with immediate turnaround. We serve the largest tech-savvy owners of institutional real estate and property managers, delivering data-driven analytics solutions through tech-enabled service.

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