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LeaseQuery Newest Marketplace Partner at theBrokerList



We are proud to announce our new Marketplace Partner, LeaseQuery and hope you utilize the FREE lease analysis tool and also refer the LeaseQuery management tool to clients who may require a tool to manage their leases and key trigger dates!


So, what is LeaseQuery?

LeaseQuery, LLC provides a cloud-based, lease accounting management software system which enables companies who lease real estate and/or equipment to easily comply with lease accounting guidelines. It enables financial accounting professionals and supply chain analysts to:


  • Effectively manage and minimize financial risk associated with lease portfolios.
  • Instantly generate error-free lease journal entries for posting.
  • Always be prepared for external or internal financial audits and/or reviews.
  • Automatically perform lease versus buy analyses when evaluating equipment or real estate purchases.
  • Segregate lease entry and lease approval duties to ensure accuracy.
  • Ensure critical dates (lease renewals, journal entry postings, etc.) are never missed.
  • Organize all lease documentation to ensure full document control.
  • Build unlimited reports including the commitments disclosure report in seconds.
  • Immediately transition to new lease accounting rules when finalized.
  • Determine impact of new lease accounting rules on the lease portfolio.
  • 24-7 access to lease documents/information from any location.

cresa logoJason Jones


“Working with George Azih and LeaseQuery has brought a completely new aspect to my value proposition as a real estate advisor. His knowledge of lease accounting, likely changes and the impact of leases on corporate financial statements is exceptional. I am a much more complete advisor for having him on my team, which enables me to better compete for new business. I give George my highest possible recommendation for professionalism, knowledge and customer service. I actively seek ways to bring him into projects because of the differentiating value he adds.” -Jason Jones


About theBrokerList: Founded in 2011, theBrokerList is the commercial real estate community’s first free online platform for finding brokers, deals, services and vendors. Founder Linda Day Harrison, a career commercial broker in Chicago, saw the need for an online community where brokers could connect with each other and with vital services and tools to make them more productive. She also made it theBrokerList’s mission to bring awareness and attention to the commercial real estate field, which is too often lumped in with residential realty. With more than 2700 members, theBrokerList continues to grow rapidly, offering members pages where they can publicize their listings, property types needed and completed transactions. The website’s marketplace lists carefully screened vendors, and its blog is a forum where members and visitors can read some of the latest ideas in commercial real estate.


About LeaseQuery: LeaseQuery was built by accountants and supply chain analysts just like you. The principals at LeaseQuery all worked as internal and external auditors at large and small accounting firms, and then worked in supply chain and financial reporting at companies ranging in size from small businesses to fortune 500 companies. Our point is this: We have been in your shoes before. We had two main problems: Frustration with tracking our leases, and difficulty writing the notes for the commitments disclosure each year. We started looking for solutions, and our search became more frantic as we heard about the upcoming new lease accounting rules. We realized that most lease accounting software tries to solve every problem with one tool, resulting in a complex and difficult-to-manage system. LeaseQuery solves your problem with the right tool. Sure you can cut down a tree with a Swiss army knife, but a chainsaw would work better. Get LeaseQuery…get the chainsaw.

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