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Introducing Foundry: the first non-subscription deal management software platform


The first non-subscription enterprise deal management software platform for commercial real estate professionals

Foundry is a compete Commercial Real Estate (CRE) enterprise software system that your company owns. Foundry is carefully engineered from the ground up to support businesses by providing deal management, property, CRM platform, pipeline management and detailed reports.

Foundry is a secured, deal transaction-based enterprise platform that supports:

  • Company, Office, Clients and Ownership information
  • Properties, Property Type Specific, Rent and Sales information
  • Deal, Status Control, Commission, Invoicing, Contingency & Escrow Management, Booking Statement information
  • Dashboard, Tracking and Comprehensive Reporting (Pipeline, Commissions, Activity, Balance of Trade, etc.)
  • Dynamic maintenance table and user-based security methodology
  • Host on Microsoft, Amazon or Google cloud
  • Import Company, Office, Contact and Property information via Excel Workbook 
  • Connect to web services, email canvasing, digital and print media marketing with your existing providers 

With its intuitive user interface, Foundry is easy to implement and use, freeing more time to grow your business.

With few exceptions, Foundry brings ROI in less than two years! IndSR is excited to introduce our product and discuss our groundbreaking pricing options. Compare Foundry pricing and savings against the competition:

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About Industrial Science Renaissance (IndSR):

Industrial Science Renaissance (IndSR) is a software, consulting and advisory service provider committed to advancing their corporate clients’ technology and marketing platforms through automation techniques that result in operational efficiencies. By streamlining operations, Rancho Mirage, California based IndSR saves professionals time that can be redirected towards building client relationships, generating more transactions, and increasing market share and revenue.


05/14/2019 - 09:00


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