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Hosting a Family in Need - Better than Secret Santa Indeed!



For the 2018 holiday season NAI Mid-Michigan/TMN Commercial replaced our annual Secret Santa gift exchange with the opportunity to host a family through EVE - End Violent Encounters - a local non-profit organization founded in 1977 providing shelter and empowering survivors of domestic violence. The idea was recommended by our Assistant Business Manager, Pam Grable and put forward enthusiastically by our Marketing Coordinator, Jessie Martens. Jessie worked with EVE to identify a family that includes a mother and her four children. Armed with a detailed list of wishes from each family member, the plan was initiated, and Jessie sent a compassionate announcement quickly motivating all employees and departments to sign up, shop, wrap and give. On Tuesday, December 18th we delivered more than 50 presents including bikes for each child, kitchenware for mom, games to enjoy together, Christmas stockings filled with goodies, toys, gift cards, and many other gifts.

“Christmas is meant to be a happy time for children of all ages. We all should be able to not only recognize when we have enough but also identify someone who could use a little help – and then help,” Tanner Lundberg said. Lundberg is a Commercial Specialist.

The response following delivery of the gifts grabbed our hearts: Teri Looney, Director of Shelter Operations for Eve's House, said “Huge thank you from EVE for making Christmas special for a family. It was amazing, and she was so overwhelmed with emotion. We appreciate you all at NAI Mid-Michigan/TMN Commercial for helping to make that happen!” Looney went on to say, “It was so amazing. Even down to the stockings with their names. She has been through so much over the last year and this was truly what she needed.”

Jeff Shapiro, Principal and Managing Member added “Supporting children and families during times of adversity is something that should extend beyond the holiday season. There are needs throughout the year and we are looking forward to continuing to join together and expand ways in which we can support our local Lansing area community.”


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