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HerbFront Newest Marketplace Partner is THE Source for Legalized Cannabis Properties



You heard of location, location, location, how about niche, niche, niche! Well we are sure proud to know that Nathan Glaisner and Mathew Chapdelaine, Co-Founders of HerbFront, have you covered. Nathan and Matthew realized that the cannabis industry was going to explode and they had a tremendous market to service. This niche market is untapped and is in its infancy, but without knowing where the business could go, the industry was lost.

So here comes Nathan and Matthew to save the day with HerbFront! Oh and by the way, Nathan and Matthew are also awesome commercial real estate brokers and they know how the industry needs this tool to make deals happen and make sure clients are not leaving money on the table.

Nathan Glaisner, Co-Founder HerbFront

Nathan Glaisner, Co-Founder HerbFront

Matthew Chapdelaine

Matthew Chapdelaine, Co-Founder HerbFront

HerbFront specializes in predictive mapping and zoning for legalized cannabis properties. The HerbFront maps and technology pinpoint suitable locations for dispensaries, manufacturing, and grow facilities.

HerbFront Map

Along with the HerbFront mapping service, HerbFront has a capital arm and public listing website for cannabis real estate that is for sale or lease. HerbFront Capital provides financing for cannabis clients that need assistance with their real estate needs. When it comes to financing a dispensary, manufacturing, or cultivation facility, HerbFront Capital Advisors will be able to give your clients access to leading lenders in the Cannabis Real Estate industry so they can continue to grow their business with the cheapest capital available.

The HerbFront Platform is ideal for real estate brokers! With over 140 Cities mapped out Nationwide, the HerbFront maps span from coast to coast. The HerbFront maps are available on a 3 Month, 6 Month, and 12 Month subscription basis per city or county. HerbFront allows brokers the flexibility to subscribe on multiple levels to better serve their cannabis related clients and that is why HerbFront has turned to theBrokerList community to spread the word about this new and exploding industry. The commercial real estate brokers need to understand clearly the value of the properties they sell or lease.

"Finding well positioned cannabias properties was almost impossible before HerbFront." – Tim (Broker) from Seattle

"HerbFront saved me and my client an unbelievable amount of time and money." – Gabe (Broker) from San Francisco.

So please help us give a warm welcome to the HerbFront project! Stop by their new Marketplace Partner page or follow them on Twitter. But most importantly, visit their site and sign up to one of their flexible subscription map plans, if you have clients who want to know if their property is well positioned to cater to the cannabis industry. Predictive mapping and zoning is here and commercial real estate brokers need to deliver when their clients need to have access to this vital insight.

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About HerbFront

HerbFront is the nation’s only verified legal cannabis property listing platform, capital market and broker network powered with powerful predictive zoning maps. HerbFront’s technology allows users to identify the best cannabis-friendly locations in their home city—in established and emerging markets. Zoning requirements for cannabis businesses are strict and complex — varying by city, county and state. Because of the real estate challenges those in the cannabis sector face, properties that are fit to host a cannabis-related operation are all the more valuable.

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