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Commercial Tenant Data: The Key to Better Analysis and Stronger Deal-Making



Commercial real estate professionals know that the most successful prospecting strategies are those that leverage thorough property insights. Every component of a commercial asset is integral in decision-making and, eventually, deal-making. From broader details, like asset type and lot size, to more nuanced specifics, like zoning regulations, mortgage history and current tax rates, this wealth of intel enables users to analyze assets completely.

That’s why commercial real estate technology providers, like Reonomy, are expanding their troves of data with commercial tenant information. With this data, commercial real estate professionals of all backgrounds can tap into new levels of insight and opportunity on the platform. From tenant classification to company names and contact information, access to such rich occupant intel increases overall property knowledge, equipping investors, tenant representatives and service providers with a comprehensive understanding of the property they're considering. In turn, they can use this information to reach decision-makers and strike better deals for both parties.

Strategic Analysis

Tenant data adds a new layer to a property’s story. Be it the address, the type of asset, or type of location, like a branch or HQ, having access to this information can help users strategically analyze the asset at stake. For example, an investor that specializes in low-risk, triple-net-lease tenants might leverage company name and location type to find future investments. Similarly, a tenant representative can use this information to expand their book of business. Regardless of the role, the more information a commercial real estate professional has on a property, the better observations they can derive.

Currently, Reonomy maintains the commercial real estate industry’s most robust database of 11 million individual tenant records across 4.9 million assets--the largest commercial tenant database in the industry. These tenant records come complete with general information like tenant name down to specific, granular details like NAICS or SIC code, suite number, and the number of employees currently at the location. So, those same investors and tenant representatives can dive deep into tenant details that, when used with other Reonomy information like general building and lot data, bolsters their property knowledge to help them decide if a property is worth pursuing.

Stronger Deal-Making

More importantly, the same tenant insights uncovered in analysis can be used to strike better deals directly with decision-makers. Using contact names, addresses and phone numbers, users are able to quickly find the contact information they need to perform outreach. Then, they can leverage the relevant information they sourced earlier in their negotiations.

Reonomy users can use the same granular details sourced earlier to approach owners and tenants directly. For example, maybe that same tenant representative who was looking for new opportunities came across a retail space that piqued their interest. With Reonomy, they can now use the intricate details sourced prior, like headcount and year founded, to strengthen their case as to why they should let them find a new space. Personalization is a key to negotiation, and the right tenant data can elevate it to the next level.

Ultimately, it’s commercial real estate software that harnesses tenant data that sets users up for greater success. Access to this criteria allows users to easily discover the properties that matter to them and the details needed to get in touch with the right people. With commercial tenant data, as well as the arsenal of property, sales, debt and ownership information sourced from the platform, users are armed with a 360-degree view of a property to be leveraged for stronger, deal-making.

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