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2015 Top #CRE Bloggers Awarded Top 10+ tBL recognition in blog community!


January 1, 2016 Chicago, IL - The annual Top #CRE tBL blogs were announced today. The blogs are awarded the "Top Blog" by reader interest that is evidenced by a combination of pageviews, comments and social media sharing that occurs on each blog. So in essence it is a readers choice award. The editors of the blog spend days going through the statistics at the end of each year and look at a month by month view of which blogs had the most reader interest. Those blogs are then included in the prestigious annual year-end recognition. 

Congratulations to the following bloggers for their hard work and dedication to the commercial real estate industry and its online presence to the world. The tBL (theBrokerList) blog is read by people from all over the world and its exposure helps to elevate those bloggers as leaders in the commercial real estate industry amongst their peers and potential new clients!

1. Troy Golden

  1. 5 Tips for Touring Office Space

2. Burt Polson

  1. How to Get out of a Lease

3. Allen Buchanan

  1. 10 Things An Owner of Commercial Real Estate Should Do Now
  2. 5 Ways to Finance a Commercial Real Estate Purchase
  3. How to Sell Leased Commercial Real Estate to an Owner Occupant

4. Brent Sears

  1. Rule of Thumb HVAC Costs

5. R. Kymn Harp (Guest Blog by David Resnick)

  1. Strategies for Assessing Commercial Tenant Credit

6. Ensemble Real Estate Solutions

  1. New Model for Medical Office Development

7. Michael Kushner

  1. Trend Alert Why Healthcare Systems are Monetizing Real Estate Assets
  2. 6 Signs You Are Using the Wrong Commercial Real Estate Broker

8. Linda Day Harrison

  1. How to be a Commercial Real Estate Online Marketing Rockstar

9. Rod Santomassimo

  1. New to Business 3 Proven Keys to Commercial Real Estate Success
  2. 3 Biggest Mistakes Brokers Make Cold Calling

10. Shar Toler

  1. Retail: The SoCal Report – Forever 21 Staples Safeway and Amazon

11. Chris Palmer

  1. 4 Forces of the Economy Impacted Commercial Real Estate Properties

12. Josh Markiewicz

  1. Weapons of Mass Distraction

13. Bo Barron, CCIM

  1. You Too Can Become a Top Producer

14. Kathryn G. Juneau

  1. Millennials Perspective on the CRE Dinosaur

15. Jerry Anderson (Guest Blogger SVN Florida)

  1. Cushman Wakefield DTZ Merger Rise CRE Chatter

16. Lynn Drake

  1. My Favorite Question – Why Won’t the Landlord Reduce the Rent

17. Sonny Granger

  1. Whats the Difference Between Class, A, B, & C Buildings

18. J.P. Pesare

  1. Apps for People on the Go Part 1

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