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Finding the Balance Between Personal and Business Blogs


When it comes to marketing, blogs are one of your most powerful tools. However, as most experts agree, it is just as important to write personal blogs as it is business blogs when you’re trying to get a message out about your real estate business. Although the concept and technology used is much the same, key differences between the two types of blogs exist.

Personal versus Business Blogs

Initially, people used personal blogs for voicing opinions about general topics on the Internet. Some describe personal blogs as being a form of online diary in which people express ideas and opinions. Because you can write about virtually anything in a personal blog, it is more diverse, often including topics that may or may not be related to real estate.

From personal blogs, people developed business blogs that have a more targeted message. Typically, these blogs focus on one particular market niche. The most successful blogs are created for a specific audience and with a distinct business focus. As in the case of real estate, you can use business blogs for marketing homes listed for sale.

Although a business blog contains important information and has very specific focus, a personal blog is also an extremely powerful tool when it comes to business marketing. Especially in the world of real estate, someone buying or selling property wants a trusted relationship with the realtor or broker. After all, this type of transaction involves a significant amount of money, so a bond between the two parties is imperative.

Key Differences

A business blog markets a community or a particular home, or provides readers with helpful information about the real estate business or market, while a personal blog reaches a targeted audience. Sharing information about you and your lifestyle helps create the relationship needed. You do not have to disclose everything in personal blogs; just enough so potential buyers and sellers feel as if they know and can trust you.

Both personal and business blogs are the face of your brand, each containing critical content in a different way. For success in a highly competitive industry, take advantage of what both personal and business blogs offer. Combined, you have much stronger communication that touches on all levels. Together, the blogs endear customers to your brand. It is not necessarily about exposure but instead, engagement.

Professional Blogging Assistance

Sometimes, finding the right words is difficult. Our team of professional writers at The News Funnel is eager to help you create outstanding personal and business blogs that take your real estate business to the next level.



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