Does Facebook Get More Love Than You?


Facebook has received a lot of attention in the media for ending relationships. Is it happening to you?

Relationship Problems that Lead to Facebook Obsession

If your partner has been spending more time on Facebook than with you, it may signal a few different problems in the relationship.

  1. Your partner has let go of the importance of spending quality time with you.
  2. He is avoiding issues he has with you or the relationship by diverting his attention.
  3. He doesn’t feel emotionally connected to you.

Innocent Reasons for Increased Facebook Love

Sometimes it doesn’t signal a problem. Your partner could be on Facebook for these reasons:

  • He finds it as a stress reliever.
  • He has become obsessed with a game he started playing.
  • He has no idea he has been ignoring you and has just found something new to do.

What to Do About It

No matter what the reason is your partner is on Facebook all the time, you need to do something about it. Feeling disconnected and unloved because your partner is on Facebook too much isn’t the way to be in a relationship.

Here are some ways you can communicate to your partner that you need more love than Facebook does:

  • Ask him to go on a date with you away from the computer. That way, you can get his attention all to yourself. Do more of this until he is able to see that spending time with you is much more fun than Facebook.
  • Ask him what about Facebook he likes and how you can get involved in the time he spends on the site. Having Facebook games or friends in common can be a good way to connect again.
  • Tell him you would like to spend more time with him and ask him how he feels about that. If he seems excited about the prospect then you both can discuss what you would like to do together. The planning can be just as much fun as doing the activity. Continue to plan activities so you can feel as though you are getting the attention you need and deserve.

What Not to Do About It

The worst thing you can do about his Facebook love is to nag him about it. If you start to tell him that he needs to spend less time on the site, he may start to resent you for trying to keep him from something he really enjoys doing.

Just think about it, would you want him to tell you to spend less time with your friends or family? You most likely wouldn’t, and he won’t like it either.

Don’t accuse him of cheating on you with someone on Facebook. If you do believe he is cheating on you, get the proof first.

Signs aren’t proof, instead you need solid evidence that he is being unfaithful. If you don’t have that, or you are using it as a stab to get him to stop, you will cause more damage to your relationship.

Don’t demand that he stay away from Facebook. What might happen with this is he will start to go on the site behind your back. This means he will start to lie to you and cause mistrust in your relationship.

You don’t want him to feel as though he has to decide between you and Facebook. Instead, you need to show him that you are better than Facebook.

Don’t mention Facebook at all in this situation. What the true issue here is that he isn’t spending enough time with you to give you the attention you need. Spending more time with him is what really needs to be addressed.

The Result of Your Efforts

If you take these suggestions to try to get more love from your partner, you will begin to feel much more positive about the relationship. You will feel as though your partner loves you more than he loves Facebook.

Even though he may still use the site to catch up with friends and family, you won’t feel so resentful about his time spent on there. It’s because you have already received what you need from him and you know he is available to you whenever you need him.



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