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BioHarmony Advanced (previously called BioHarmony Complex Plus) has been formulated by Dr. Zane Sterling as a stellar solution for weight loss. This dietary supplement doesn’t comprise of any harmful ingredients as it boasts a totally natural composition. It comes in a liquid form with a dropper for convenient use. Since it comes from a reliable company called Science Natural Supplements, you can trust this formula.

BioHarmony Advanced Review

Trying to lose weight but failing? Perhaps a good idea would be to take your weight loss efforts one step further by adding a supplement to your routine. One great dietary supplement that has become quite popular is BioHarmony Advanced. This product works toward the end of improving your physique’s shape and making you feel confident in your skin.

The best part is that as your weight goes down and you see favorable digits on the weight scale, you no more have to worry about the many health concerns associated with being overweight or obese. What this supplement does is that it beats fats out of your body in two different ways. Let’s talk about how it works below.

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How Does This Product Work?

This dietary supplement works effectively in two ways. Firstly, it does what most other products also aim to do - it supercharges metabolism. When metabolism is working in full speed as it should, fats are used up for energy production. Both consumed and stored fats are melted off which helps you slim down.

The second way this product helps you slim down is a unique one. Most products don’t focus on this aspect of facilitating weight loss. What the supplement does is that it flips the bioharmony switch in your thyroid which causes the multiplication of fat cells. Therefore, this supplement takes a dual approach to ensure effective shedding off of extra weight. 

Ingredients Of This Product

The supplement flaunts a natural ingredient-list. It doesn’t comprise of any chemicals, artificial ingredients or other harmful components. Here’s a look at the ingredients that make it up:


This ingredient works to relieve stress which contributes to emotional eating.


Niacin improves your health by reducing brain fog as well as supporting your heart health.


Beta-alanine improves your mood. It also boasts anti-aging properties.


This one has been especially added for its weight loss promoting nature.


L-arginine also facilitates weight loss as it accelerates metabolic activity in the body.


Pegyeum in the formula plays the role of combating oxidative stress.

African mango extract

Last but not the least, this African mango extract is known for controlling weight gain.

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Company Behind This Product

This product comes from a manufacturer named Science Natural Supplements. The person who has formulated this product is named Dr. Zane Sterling. This man is knowledgeable in the field of science and hence, this product has not been designed by some amateur.

You can, in fact, note that Dr. Sterling has an impressive resume by just a simple Google search. Furthermore, the company also has other natural products which too have been formulated on the grounds of science. These other supplements are also doing well, showing that this one is similarly efficient as well.

Features Of This Product

There are many qualities of bioharmony weight loss supplement which put it forward as a worth-trying product. Here’s a quick run through the best features of BioHarmony Advanced:

1 - The composition is thoroughly tested and completely natural

First and foremost, this supplement comprises of only natural ingredients. No such components have been added which can harm your health either immediately or eventually. In fact, ingredients have only been added after in-depth tests and scientific evidence have proven their effectiveness. This makes certain that you won’t experience any side effects of using this product.

2 - The quality of this supplement is amazing

Another great quality of this supplement is that it is GMP-certified. This ensures that it is not lacking in any way. From the beginning to the end of the manufacturing procedure, the makers have adhered to the best practices. There is no compromise in terms of hygiene or in any area.

3 - You can use this product without much effort

You are not required to follow any extensive recipe to get the benefits. No, Bioharmony Advanced supplement complements your weight loss efforts and all you are required to do to use it is to take a few drops of it, as recommended on a regular basis. Don’t forget to stick to healthy eating, cut out unnecessary eating, and exercise a good amount daily for results to be noticeable.

How Long Before You Notice Results?

As in the case of any other weight loss product, results vary from one person to another. While one may be able to shred extra weight within no time with this product, for another person it may take longer. However, give this supplement at least 3 months before concluding it to be useless. Learn more about BioHarmony Switch and how it works here


A single bottle of BioHarmony Advanced supplement is available for a high price of $69. There are more economical bulk deals available though.

Talking about those, there is a three-month supply package with three bottles. The price of each in this package is just $59. There is also a six-month supply package in which the price of supplement is just $49. There is a 180-day money back guarantee backing purchase as well.

BioHarmony Advanced Reviews Conclusion

BioHarmony Advanced is one product you can choose to support your weight loss plan. This dietary supplement comes in the form of an oil. This means including it in your daily routine is not a challenge. You just need to use the dropper with it to use the supplement.

It enters your body and improves metabolism as well as hormonal working which in turn encourage fat melting. You can fetch this product from its official website.

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