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How Erin Alls Increased Her Income from 20K to 320K

As an Associate Broker, I moved to Los Angeles with a plan to open a Los Angeles office for Maison International. I knew it would not be easy with the saturation of Realtors in the LA area. In fact, there was a television personality agent here that regularly bragged “I know everyone in Hollywood”. NYC was also a competitive market and while I don't shy away from competition, LA turned out to be a whole new challenge. First, I knew no one in LA and second, I did not even have an office here on the west coast. This meant I could not hold open houses for other agents and I could not market office listings. I was killing myself working 70 plus hours a week and getting nowhere. After three long years of struggling using older methods of real estate success I finally decided I had to hire a coach. My income was just $20,000 a year! I could not afford to get locked in for a year to a coaching contract. I needed a tech savvy coach with proven methods that work and that would work quickly in today’s market. After lots of calls to coaches I chose Coach Carol Mazur from Top Pro Training. Coach Carol’s first question was "how did you find me?" I told her I was looking for a strong tech savvy coach and that I found her organically. Her next question was “Where do you work?” She said “I don't want my Top Pro Group going head to head with each other with the same marketing systems and materials. Luckily my area was available and I hired Coach Carol. We decided to give the local community something they hadn't seen before. We did this by offering a fresh approach to Real Estate. All of my marketing is now based on "Client Focused Recognition" rather than making the transaction all about price point or all about building name recognition for the Realtor. We make everything and anything involved in the transaction about the client. We are a new breed of tech savvy agents that put customer service up front and center in all of our transactions. You won't even see our name on the Real Geeks website until you scroll down towards the bottom. We put the wants and needs of the customers first and give them what they want to see (which is usually pictures of local homes). At first I could not afford a Real Geeks site so Coach Carol showed me how to build a WordPress website. My first listings on the site were “coming soon listings” because I had no listings. We began offering value on the website to buyers and sellers. Everything we did was a kicked up proven value offer that was proven to work by top producers. Since my competition was all about local business, we came up with a plan using my core values and my NYC skills focused on international customers and cash buyers. We got help from the New York office of Maison International where the agents could help us negotiate in 10 different languages. Each week I just followed the steps. We added more and more automated systems to my business. Sometimes I had no idea why we were doing things yet, I pushed through the discomfort of new ideas and kept taking massive action. A portion of every closing was used to add technology systems. By the following year I was doing all of my own technology, had two years of lead converting follow-up emails in Top Producer, had an awesome Real Geeks website that buyers loved, had incoming leads that were converting, had a team of 3 agents, and had an income of $320,000! Recently we have focused our attention on tech companies and celebrities using our our Real Geeks website This Real Geeks LA website has become Silicon Beach's number 1 searched website for homes in the Silicon Beach Area. To date we have helped people involved in the Silicon Beach Community such as employees and founders of Google, Zip Recruiter, Omniamedia and many others. We are now honored to have gained a lot of attention based on our amazing website that focuses on Real Estate in the Silicon Beach area. Questions or Comments: Coach Carol Mazur - The Top Producer Group - Real Estate Coaching 973-310- 4545 - 24/7
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