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Adwerx Overview of Digital Advertising Tools for Real Estate

Learn more at Agents, we get it. You’ve got your hands full running a real estate business. So when it comes to online advertising you can relax -- we’ve got your back. With our brilliantly simple technology, you can have digital ads running on Facebook, the web, and across mobile apps in just 4 clicks. Whether your goal is to grow your brand, nurture your network, or wow your client, we’ve got an ad campaign to help, and some start as low as just $40 a month. First, let’s take a look at the ads for nurturing your network. We call them “sphere of influence ads.” When we looked at the data, we saw that real estate agents get over 66% of their business from people they already know -- from repeats and referrals. But each person knows a few different agents. So just because someone knows you doesn’t mean you’ll be the first agent they think of. Staying top of mind with your network is a critical activity. That’s why we made it simple. You create your ad. Then you upload your list of the people who matter to you. They they start seeing your ad about once a day as they browse the web or go on Facebook, reminding them you’re a real estate expert they trust, and you’re ready for a referral. It’s an affordable, passive way to stay in touch with the people you already know -- almost everyday. But what about people you don’t know yet, but you want to know? You traditionally find those clients through prospecting or farming. We call it building brand awareness, and we have a product to help. We call this one “ads by zip code.” You select the ZIP codes that matter most to you. You create your ad. Then we find people in those ZIP codes who are online and in the market to buy or sell a home. We know they’re thinking about real estate because of what they are doing online -- using mortgage calculators, real estate portals or searching for moving companies, for example. And then we show them your ad to help build that critical brand awareness you need. It’s a proven strategy: data shows that agents who use Adwerx brand ads win 77% more listings. Speaking of listings, this will probably sound familiar: Your seller calls you every day to see what you’re doing to market their property at that very moment. Or they ask how you’re going to promote their home on Facebook and the web. We can help with that, too. Digital ads for listings were designed to promote properties online and on Facebook. They’re the digital version of a Just Listed postcard. Only, instead of going in every mailbox in your farm, they follow local prospects as they use the internet. Your seller is emailed a daily report showing them that you are working hard and spending money to promote their property. We even take extra measures to make it highly likely they’ll see their own ad when they browse the web and Facebook. And nothing makes a client happier than that. Finally, there is one more way we help make digital advertising for real estate brilliantly simple, and that’s with something called “retargeting”. You’ve probably had this happen: you look at a product online, but you don’t purchase. Then that product follows you around on the web or your Facebook feed, reminding you of your interest. Amazon does it. Zappos does it. And now you can, too. With our brand ads and listing ads, you get the same retargeting technology as the big guys, so your ad can follow anyone who has shown interest in you or your listings. That’s a free add-on that comes with our campaigns.
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