UBS redefines the workplace with thin desks - no laptops, no phones and no (traditional) desks

As we’ve written in our article about the new London headquarters for the Swiss UBS Bank, this building is peculiar by its design and arrangement. However, besides redesigning the workspace layout, UBS has decided to redesign the entire workplace with its thin desk philosophy – which entails no laptops, no telephones and practically no desks in the office environment.

The new mobile office

The office desk as we know it might be going to extinction in the near future. Coffee mugs, stacks of paper, scattered notes, family photos – all of the traditional signs of a personal office space will be abolished in UBS’ new London headquarters at 5 Broadgate Street in London.

With the soaring prices of real estate, especially in large cities like London or New York, it’s no wonder that tenants are trying their hardest to save on office space and make their workers more mobile than ever. This will be the situation at UBS, where phone handsets will be replaced by personal headsets and employees will now have virtual desktops instead of stationary computers and laptops. They will be able to log into their virtual desktop anywhere in the building or at home, and they will take their phone with them during the whole work day.

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