Real Estate Market Trends

3 years ago
Event 09/19/2017
RealFocus 2017

Get Focused on Real Solutions for Property Management RealFocus is back for another all-day event that’s all about your properties. This year we...

Maryland a Top Location for Leaving: Moving Company
News 9 hours ago
Maryland a Top Location for Leaving: Moving Company

Maryland is one of the top states where people are leaving and heading elsewhere, according to findings from United Moving Company. The movers...

Despite missing earnings expectations, Toll Brothers is positive on rest of year
News 14 hours ago
Despite missing earnings expectations, Toll Brothers is positive on rest of year
Source HousingWire

Luxury homebuilder Toll Brothers barely missed earnings estimates, causing the company to narrow its outlook for the year, according to an article...

Press Release 22 hours ago
In July turnover of the largest shopping mall in Ukraine Lavina Mall increased by 14%

Tenants’ revenue in Lavina Mall increased by 14% during July when compared with June of this year. “Even though the turnover did not grow as much...


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