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Zoan Visuals provides a service for digitalization of commercial real-estate


Finnish company provides a service for digitalization of commercial
Zoan Visuals provides a service of digitalization and rendering of
existing and potential real-estate projects in mobile 3D presentation with
detailed description, suitable for attracting customers and investors.
Besides other companies that have already become Zoan Visual's clients, we
like to mention Technopolis Oyj and Citycon Oyj/ Iso Omena shopping center.
3D presentations are impressively effective with their new possibilities
to display your future project as if it was already real. Detailed
high-quality rendering imparts the realism and tangibility. There is also
a possibility to make real life like presentation, using Oculus VR or Gear
VR glasses for total immersion of virtual reality.
Zoan Visuals provides individual approach to every customer and has a
competitive price on their work. This service opens up new possibilities
for project owners, investors and marketing people.
At this moment Zoan Visuals' goals include working on portative
presentations, suitable for tablets and mobile devices. Without any doubt,
the Iso Omena project is a remarkable example of this technology.
( (preferably viewed on a tablet device)).


Zoan Visuals

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