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(Morristown, New Jersey, 2/21/14) – Woodmont Properties announces that it has added a customized NewsRoom Pro news feed to its website.  The NewsRoom Pro, built by The News Funnel, allows Woodmont Properties to automatically stream press releases, videos, blogs, market research and event announcements directly to its site in real time. This new product will keep Woodmont Properties’ website visitors informed on all current news and announcements, while increasing exposure and visibility for Woodmont Properties.

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About Woodmont Properties

Woodmont Properties is a regional real estate company which develops, builds, markets and invests in a diversified range of real estate. Woodmont's portfolio of residential and commercial investments includes: office, flex, industrial, retail, hotels/ hospitality, single-family, multi-family, and mixed-use redevelopments. The company has grown over the past forty-three years through the combined experience of its ownership and professional staff. Its focused pursuit of new opportunities in the real estate market place, established relationships within the industry, and adherence to the Woodmont tradition of personal and corporate integrity have been the foundation of its success.

The company's highly skilled management team and support staff provides a unique combination of experience, expertise and personal commitment which has enabled Woodmont Properties to access new business opportunities in such emerging fields as urban redevelopment in towns and cities throughout the tri-state region. It has also solidified Woodmont's position as a leader in more traditional projects and markets.

As a multi-disciplined organization, Woodmont Properties specializes in land entitlements, development, design, construction, asset management, sales, marketing, finance, accounting and legal. Woodmont delivers this scope of services mostly through its in-house expertise, which has built a significant track record of success.

Since its establishment in 1963 by Donald Witmondt, Woodmont Properties has contributed to the region's residential and commercial marketplace. Under the current leadership of Eric Witmondt, the Company's scope of development activity, as well as its portfolio of residential and commercial properties, has been enhanced by the addition of a number of mixed-use infill, multi-family, and neighborhood redevelopment projects.

As Woodmont moves forward into the 21st Century, its aim is to continue to seek both asset and geographic diversification.

About The News Funnel

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