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WhoLendsHere Adds New Feature

As you know, it's time consuming finding the right mortgage professional for the building you are targeting. Using our new Request Information feature, you can now receive responses from our network of mortgage specialists. This new feature makes it even easier to find a mortgage solution in a hard to finance CO-OP or CONDO in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
How it works:
When you search an address and find no results, we've added a REQUEST INFORMATION  form. We send your inquiry to our network of mortgage specialists and share their responses with you. We leave it up to you to contact the loan officer.
What We Do:
We aggregate information about mortgage specialists from different mortgage companies.
How does this help you?
Having more available resources increases your chances of finding a SOLUTION.
Something great happened last week. Within 1 hour of receiving a "Request Information" query, 4specialists responded; had worked with the building and 3 others had a solution. 4 hours later we had 15 responses of which 7 had a solution.  That's 7 different mortgage solutions - all within 5hours of requesting information.  A huge TIME SAVER  as well as added confidence—there shouldn't be any surprises during your transaction.
           See how it looks:
Search 99 John Street (with results)
Search 299 West 12 Street (without results)
WhoLendsHere will change the way people look for a mortgage by connecting them with loan officers who have recent experience with the building they are buying into so they can get the right type of loan for that building quickly, painlessly, and with less risk of losing the home of their dreams.
Think of WhoLendsHere as a MUST-HAVE  resource for your online mortgage research.
Let's change the game together,
Richard Barenblatt


08/14/2014 - 11:33



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