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What Sets Us Apart



Our mission at Agorafy is to be the most accurate resource for commercial real estate listings and property information in New York. We believe that our job is not to simply aggregate available information in one location, but rather to actively source and verify that information before it is packaged and made available to the commercial real estate community.

That is what sets Agorafy apart.

The majority of commercial listings on Agorafy are submitted directly by the exclusive broker. You won't find a listing that's missing an asking price. Why? Simply because we only publish listings with an asking price. All of the commercial listings published on the site have asking prices continuously verified by the exclusive broker.

Asking price, quality photos, and space details included with all listings

Additionally, in order for a listing to be complete, we require marketing flyers and high quality photographs. We do this to ensure that the listings are presented as attractively as possible with all of the information needed to evaluate the opportunity. We work with brokers to help them maximize exposure for their exclusive listings and make sure they are presented the way they want.

Large photos of the retail space and property

We work with brokers to make real time changes to on-market listings on a continual basis. We're also scouring city data and cross checking property ownership and contact information regularly to ensure we're providing the most up-to-date information available.

At Agorafy, we stand behind our process and we stand behind our data. We want to provide you with a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips that you can rely on.

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