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Voltaire (0.22) - Profile Redesign & Connecting Residential Professionals


This month Agorafy rolled out its latest release Voltaire (0.22). After the large expansion to include residential rental and for sale listings, the most logical development was building out the infrastructure to welcome the large influx of new, residential-focused brokers and clients.

The infrastructure changes include updates to our Profile Management and Broker Search user interface, as well as an update to the design of our users' Public Profile page.

Our user base has almost doubled and our developers are building out the necessary features for these new users to get the most out of the real time residential listings on our platform.  

Fresh Redesign of the Public Profile Page 

In addition to the residential-focused changes on the platform, our developers gave a new look to our Professional Profile page, looking to provide more visibility and customization for our Users and making it easier to directly connect with other professionals.

We think the new look will encourage more professionals to put their best foot forward and bridge the gap between the different market segments and disciplines. 

Managing Profiles – Residential Focused

Our developers also turned their focus to giving residential professionals the ability to manage their profiles and designate their areas of expertise and the aspects of the business in which they specialize. Just like commercial brokers, residential experts can show off their skills, link their profiles to all of their current exclusive listings, and manage their direct contact information. 

Area of Expertise (New Development Marketing, Townhouse Sales, Apartment Sales, and Apartment Leasing)

Concentration / Focus (Seller Representation, Buyer Representation, Landlord Representation, and Tenant Representation)

Select your specializations and concentrations

Broker Search – Finding a Residential Specialist

Building on the new Professional Profile and profile management features, our team also wanted to make it easier for professionals, property owners, and clients alike to search for and reach out to residential specialists based on their requirements. 

Search for a residential broker by name, expertise, or focus

Agorafy populates and ranks the results based on the number and type of exclusives brokers have in the selected neighborhood(s). This gives property owners and residential clients a very strong idea of who is the go-to expert in that segment of the market. 

The interest from the residential side of the market has been absolutely tremendous. Each day, more residential brokers are registering and submitting their rental and for sale listings to our platform. This is in addition to the large number of customers looking for rental and for sale listings which have been behind a huge increase in our traffic. 

Feel free to drop us a line and give us feedback on the residential side of Agorafy.

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