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Visual Lease Showcases Cutting-Edge Lease Management Software Tool at CRE//Tech Intersect Event in New York City


New York (October 17, 2013) – Visual Lease, a comprehensive, web-based lease management software application, will be on display for attendees of CRE // Tech Intersect on October 17, 2013, at the former New York Times Building located at 229 West 43rd Street in New York City between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.  Guests will attend live demonstrations of Visual Lease, providing a firsthand experience of the program’s intuitive features that help companies access, report and organize their real estate leases, saving users both time and money.  

“Visual Lease brings to lease management what ADP brought to payroll management,” said Marc Betesh, founder and CEO of Visual Lease. “Like payroll, real estate is one of a company’s most significant expenses.  Commercial leases are very complicated, containing multiple obligations, deadlines and cost components.  Because most companies are focused on their primary business, they often do not give real estate the attention it deserves.  Missing a single deadline, not having ready access to lease documents or neglecting an obligation can cost thousands or even millions of dollars to correct.  Visual Lease allows companies to manage these risks and elevate real estate to a strategic level so they can better grow their business.  We look forward to sharing this product with peers in the real estate technology space at the CRE//Tech Intersect event in New York.”

Visual Lease packs hundreds of features into a singular, cohesive web-based system.  Visual Lease offers four service levels to choose from starting for as little as $99 a month, giving users the flexibility to select the features and elements they need.  Features include an intuitive dashboard delivering top-level, portfolio summary information, full management of rents and other costs, financial analytics, unlimited user-defined fields, project management and configurable security.  Visual Lease has extremely robust reporting through a library of standard reports as well as an easy, ad-hoc reporting tool with which users can create custom reports in seconds.   Users can access information and documents anywhere using their PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.


CRE // Tech Intersect is a conference consisting of professionals from the commercial real estate and technology worlds focused on the development, financing and use of forward-thinking technology specifically designed for the real estate market. All attendees are invited to visit Visual Lease’s table to discover the benefits and capabilities that Visual Lease provides its users.  For more information about CRE//Tech Intersect, please visit


Visual Lease is a comprehensive, powerful, and easy-to-use real estate and lease management software solution designed by experienced real estate professionals.  It enables companies to intuitively control, report, track, and manage owned and leased real estate in order to make better strategic decisions. Visual Lease’s significant flexibility allows companies to organically grow with the product as its functionality needs evolve. Visual Lease is a 100% web-based and fully secure (SaaS) system. 

Visual Lease’s motto, “Lease Software by Lease Professionals” reflects the program’s history.  Visual Lease was designed and developed by KBA Lease Services, a commercial tenant-based consulting firm that pioneered the field of lease auditing.  For close to 30 years, KBA has been analyzing and managing tens of thousands of leases for hundreds of companies globally in virtually every industry, focusing on reducing short and long-term occupancy costs.  Visual Lease is designed to help companies get in front of their lease obligations to avoid the kinds of errors that KBA finds so frequently.  For more information, please visit Visual Lease at www.visuallease.comand KBA Lease Services at

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