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vHomeInsurance & Coastal Risk announce partnership to assess flood risk of your home


Online Coastal Flood Risk Reports available for the 1st time!

vHomeInsurance & Coastal Risk have announced a new partnership where customers of vHomeInsurance can now also access specific flood risk reports for their homes prepared by Coastal Risk.  vHomeInsurance is a leading, in-depth, home insurance & housing insights services.  A large part of vHomeInsurance insights are driven by using advanced technology on large & messy data sets., an online service of Coastal Risk, projects three types of flood risks for every coastal property in the US, using high-resolution elevation data and proprietary algorithms.

vHomeInsurance customers who want to find home insurance quotes or want-in depth, housing related information on a specific location, county or census tract will now be available to fill in a form on the website with a property address & other details.  This information will then be forwarded to Coastal Risk who will employ their innovative technology to produce a Flood Risk Screening Report, the FIRST Score®, and/or a detailed Coastal Risk Rapid Assessment™ Report, with maps showing when and where flooding is projected to occur.  vHomeInsurance believes that one of the defining trends of home insurance of the future will be evaluating flood risk by taking tidal flooding and sea level rise into account.  Comprehensive and in-depth assessments of flood risks will be a critical component of the home buying & maintenance process. vHomeInsurance's partnership with Coastal Risk helps add another layer of important depth to its offerings for consumers.


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