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Use Your Home’s Quirks To Sell It


Selling a home can be a long and arduous process. On top of dealing with a fluctuating marketplace, you also need to prepare your house to be sold. This means taking a close look at the space and determining what features are most desirable to buyers. While you might feel like the unusual features of your home are an obstacle to selling it, you can actually use these quirks to your advantage. Modern buyers love homes with personality and the right features can do wonders for getting people interested in your real estate.

Take a moment to look over these examples of uncommon home features. By giving yourself a new perspective on the quirks of your property, you can do wonders for increasing its appeal.

Home Gym

Fitness is a lifestyle for many people. If you are one such person, then your current home might feature a gym or fitness center. Depending on how involved you are in physical activities, the room might contain a number of unique or specific features like a punching bag or mirrored walls. Your first thought might be to disassemble the gym before showing it to prospective buyers, but it can also be beneficial to leave it the way it is. 

Recent years have seen an uptick in how many people go to the gym. Whereas it might have been seen as a negative point in the past, a home that features its own pre-constructed gym can really spark an interest in certain parties. Of course, you’ll want to work with your realtor to help highlight this feature in the right way. It can also be useful to show the potential of the space to buyers who might be on the fence about whether or not they will actually use the gym. 

Alternative Energy 

Another popular trend for homeowners in recent years has been investing in eco-friendly energy features. With environmental problems on the rise, countless people have been switching to alternative energy sources in order to provide light and heat to their homes without leaving as much of a footprint. While these features were not always so useful in moving a space, it is now a huge selling point. For a majority of buyers, a home that is already fitted with Worcester solar panels is a great find. 

In fact, you might want to think about investing in a few energy-conscious products to help you sell your home. Outside of solar panels, you can swap out the current lightbulbs for ones that are more efficient. Studies have shown that a clean, well-lit space can make a buyer more interested in a property. Some people also find that proper sealing around doors and windows can lower monthly heating costs and reduce pressure on existing HVAC systems, so be sure to look into the advantages of these services when selling a home.

Lack of Storage

A home with no closets can be a very difficult type of property to try and move. People love to storage options and can be easily swayed from a home that has few or none. Luckily, living in a space like this means you have probably gotten very creative about the way you store your possessions. Though this quirk can be frustrating, it can definitely still be used to help move your home on the market. Display your storage solutions when showing your house and buyers with creative minds might see the full potential of your home.  

Be Honest

No matter what quirks your home might have, you definitely want to be honest with prospective buyers about the topic. Hiding or minimizing anything you find unusual about your home is an easy way to invite trouble for yourself down the line. Work closely with your realtor to find the best ways to disclose information to buyers without turning them off to your real estate entirely. 

Selling a home with unusual features might be difficult but it is far from impossible. Take time to think about the best ways to highlight the quirks and discover how to use a supposed disadvantage to your benefit.