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UBuildNet’s Advanced Search Engine – Something New for the Construction Industry

08/18/2014 is a new and growing online niche networking and marketing site designed by and for construction professionals and their customers.  Construction professionals and contractors join and create a personalized profile page to showcase their company’s credentials, services, and project photos.   

UBuildNet recently upgraded its advanced search engine, including a directory of member contractors and professionals easily searchable based on their company’s industry focus and geographic area served.   Generic Internet search engines provide results based on past searches whether they are relevant to the current search or not.  With its construction niche focus, UBuildNet returns only search results for contractors in their specialization and region specified by the searcher.  This eliminates the need to scroll through pages of search results that contain unwanted content.  That means highly targeted online marketing potential for UBuildNet member businesses.

John Clark, long-time construction professional and founder of UBuildNet explains how businesses benefit from the UBuildNet search engine: “Think of a word or phrase that describes your overall business, for example, ‘Architecture and Engineering.’  Then, think of another that describes your specialties, like ‘Drafting Services.’  Now, imagine that a customer looking for an architect to draft a plan for a new building could go online, click on these two categories, enter a region, and YOUR business comes up.  Imagine they see not only your contact information, but also, your credentials, photos of your work, recommendations, and anything you would want them to know to consider you as their contractor of choice.  Imagine that with a few more clicks, they could connect with you to discuss the job, and potentially, to meet and contract with you.  That’s what’s search engine does to help contractors increase business.”

Other sites that provide contractor search functions tend to be designed primarily for use by homeowners who wish to search for local contractors. uniquely provides two portals, one for construction and related businesses, and another for individuals and homeowners.  Says Clark, “’s two-portal design not only lets homeowners find contractors in their area, but also, lets construction businesses connect easily with other contractors and partners to get successful, profitable projects done.”

UBuildNet is a platform for Niche professional networking for construction. Businesses can find and connect with other businesses and the customers that use their services. Individuals and homeowners can connect with businesses, other individuals, or just use UBuildNet’s innovative products to get the job done. So whether you are a homeowner or a contractor seeking a subcontractor, or a construction professional seeking new opportunities and business growth, UBuildNet makes the connections. 

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