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UBuildNet remodels its Toolbox Feature!


UBuildNet has updated and improved its Toolbox Feature. The Toolbox is a collection of construction documents designed to enhance and improve the construction process. With the new and improved version of the Toolbox there are more documents in both Word and Excel formats allowing users greater flexibility. All the documents are free to download whether you are a UBuildNet member or not. There is even a section where the user can request help with document formatting or request additional documents be created to their specifications.

After reviewing the documents we were impressed with both the amount of material as well as the overall quality. Multiple Contracts, Scopes of Work, Proposals, Estimates, DIY documents, and many other detailed products can found in the Toolbox. The documents are easy to navigate and they are coded and sorted by either DIY or Professional. The download process is simple and download times are respectable; the site even offers basic instructions for anyone struggling with the process. The Toolbox is just one of many tools users can find on the UBuildNet site; there are many other innovative tools to help the building professional as well as the Do It Yourselfer.

UBuildNet has two separate completely free registration options, one for construction and related businesses, and another for individual consumers, such as homeowners.  Businesses can set up a profile full of information and photos to help brand their services.  UBuildNet is also free to use.  It offers businesses a dashboard that provides useful tools, resources, and tips for member businesses.   With the recent upgrades to the Toolbox as well as several other new features UBuildNet is ready to help the construction industry mange its projects. is a free niche site dedicated to the construction industry. Finding and cultivating solid relationships is a critical, demanding requirement for successful contracting. Although the Internet and social media bring new, advanced networking possibilities that significantly expand on older, traditional networking methods, social media did not emerge with an aim to optimize business or to meet the unique needs of builders. Only UBuildNet was conceived and built by construction professionals to meet the specific needs of the construction industry, its partners, and its consumers. Whether you are a building professional, Do It Yourselfer, or Homeowner UbuildNet has the tools and products to help your project succeed. 

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