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UBuildNet releases UPro Project Dashboard Lite

07/12/2014 is a social networking site with powerful tools to help businesses and homeowners manage their construction needs.  The site has many tools and resources to help with day-to-day operations like estimating, contracting, budgeting, project management, and more.  These features make UBuildNet a one-stop-shop for construction pros. 

With the recent release of UPro Project Dashboard Lite UBuildNet is creating a single source construction management solution. UPro Lite allows the user to create a project by defining its name, description, and important dates. Once a project is created the user can add budget items and easily track costs and payments. The dashboard feature allows the user to create as many projects as they need and track each projects cost separately. Once a project is completed it can be archived in order to keep the dashboards information relevant.  Archived projects can be retrieved for later analysis or the user can completely delete it from the system.

UPro Lite is just a step in a series of new construction management tools added and planned. Clark the CEO of hinted to us a full project management suite is in the works for release this fall. With their recent release of UPro Lite, added homeowner profile features, To Do List, and Toolbox downloads, UbuildNet is offering the construction industry a powerful single source dashboard. is a free to join and free to use platform for construction networking and social marketing. Businesses can find and connect with other businesses and the customers that use their services. Individuals and homeowners can connect with businesses, other individuals, or just use the innovative products to get their jobs done., members can create a free, searchable profile and connect with contractors, builders, subcontractors, suppliers, professionals, homeowners and the countless entities and individuals that make up the construction industry.

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