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UBuildNet: A 21st Century Social Networking and Marketing Solution for the Construction Industry


With over 30 years of construction experience under his tool belt, John Clark of Bayville, NJ had grown frustrated with the fact that even in this age of advanced, high speed, super-efficient technologies, he was still spending an inordinate amount of costly time and labor finding and cultivating the relationships with sub-contractors, suppliers, businesses, and consumers that are crucial to maintaining a successful construction business.  John saw that despite the abundance of social marketing emerging on the internet, none of it was adequate to meet the specific needs of the construction industry.   He decided to do something about it, and founded

UBuildNet has two separate completely free registration options, one for construction and related businesses, and another for individual consumers, such as homeowners.  Businesses can set up a profile full of information and photos to help to brand and market them.  UBuildNet is also free to use.  It offers businesses a dashboard that provides useful tools, resources, and tips for member businesses.   Individual consumers who join also have a dashboard that is specially designed to help them meet their personal project wants and needs.  Additionally, UBuildNet features an advanced search function that helps contractors, businesses and consumers connect based on geographic region and specific project specifications.

So, what does UBuildNet bring to the construction industry that popular social media sites don’t?

For one thing, UBuildNet was designed BY construction professionals FOR construction professionals (and the people with whom they do business).  For another, UBuildNet eliminates the networking limitations that make it hard for businesses to grow their business on other popular social sites.  John Clark of UBuildNet points out that “Lots of [social media] sites prohibit or place severe restrictions on the promotion of business products or services.  That kind of content is treated as spam.  Members can be booted off the site for trying to use these social media sites to help them market their businesses, unless they can afford to buy paid advertising.  That can be hard on the budgets of small and even mid-sized construction companies.  Other sites also prevent people from sending a message to someone they don’t know.  That actually goes against the concept of business networking.  Forging new relationships is as important to construction businesses as cultivating existing ones.  UBuildNet is designed to help them do both.”  Another thing that distinguishes UBuildNet is that it does not populate its membership base with names, addresses, and phone numbers from purchased lists of companies and individuals.  Each member on UBuildNet joins by choice through the registration at expressly to become part of the UBuildNet networking community.

Says founder John Clark, “We understand the needs of construction pros because we’ve walked a mile in their shoes, boots, and hard-hats.  Now we need 21st century tools to do 21st century business.  UBuildNet aims to be a valuable tool in the toolbox of every construction professional and anyone who needs construction services.”  More information about UBuildNet is available at

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