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Two #CRE Tech Firms Collaborate on The DNA of #CRE Survey


The teams at Buildout and theBrokerList have been planning this survey for months. Both teams agree that every single commercial real estate professional that takes this survey is helping towards the greater good of understanding the genetic makeup of the commercial real estate industry!

"This is not a survey to waste time or create busy work. We are all busy people and we really have plenty of projects and tasks we can work on. We are not gathering email addresses, we are not trying to market anything to you. You are already our valued members of our community, but we just do not know enough about our genetic makeup!!" says, Linda Day Harrison, CPM, CCIM and Founder of

This is a survey that comprises most of the frequently asked questions we hear from our members every day:

1. How much do my colleagues earn?
2. Do my colleagues have marketing help?
3. Do my colleagues use social media and what social media are they using?
4. How many of my colleagues have done deals with other brokers?

"Based on these questions we have titled our need to understand, The DNA of CRE." says Ewa Baska, Marketing Director at Buildout. 

"Every day we are all learning and growing and advancing our careers. We want to know how we stack up. The only way to do that is to find out what everybody else is doing. In such an independent industry of commercial real estate it is almost impossible to gain this insight without all of us pulling together." Ewa Baska, Marketing Director at Buildout, went on to say.

The teams at both theBrokerList and Buildout decided to put much time and effort into assembling this survey with the goal of creating a benchmark we can strive to measure every year. So they developed these questions knowing how diverse the commercial real estate industry is and how difficult it is to measure. Since this is their first year, they admit they have much to learn about survey taking and about the questions you would want to know as well. If there are other questions you find would be of interest, please let them know for next year!

Between tweeting and blogging and asking social media friends to help spread the word, the teams are super excited to get the results tabulated and be able to share it with everyone on or about February 25th! The goal is to give everyone the results and hopefully a powerful infographic that will support the findings in a user-friendly and visual way. 

Oh and if you have not taken The DNA of #CRE Survey yet, be sure to click here and take it so you can make a difference too!

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