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TurboTenant Builds Brand on a Budget



TurboTenant Builds Brand on a Budget


One software company’s quest to change the rental process on a shoestring budget

Fort Collins, CO:  For many software companies, getting started is a million ​dollar business, but not all startups operate with that kind of funding. TurboTenant, the free landlord software company based out of Colorado, started with under $1 million in seed funding. In the past three months, the number of landlords using the software has more than quadrupled, providing a valuable lesson for businesses everywhere: bootstrap is not dead.

The company was founded in 2015, by Sarnen Steinbarth, TurboTenant is currently based in the Galvanize tech campus in Fort Collins. For over ten years, Steinbarth worked as a real estate agent and landlord of over fifty rental properties .His experience in real estate gave him an in-depth look at the problems facing today’s landlord.

“As a landlord myself, I know how time-consuming the rental leasing process can be,” said Steinbarth, the Founder / CEO of Turbo Tenant. “After teaching property management courses to real estate agents, landlords and property managers for years, I frequently answered technology questions relating to the leasing process and began to see several patterns. I realized what was missing in the market: an easy software solution designed for landlords, by landlords.”

Inspired by the lack of landlord software programs available on the market, Steinbarth and the Turbo Tenant team decided to create their own free landlord software. The software boasts an easy-to-use design with powerful capabilities, thanks to integration with industry experts. TurboTenant’s partnership with TransUnion gives its users a streamlined product to assist in the rental process. 

The company has also made a name for itself in the startup community. After securing a spot in the final round, Steinbarth competed alongside other up-and-coming startups in the Pitchers and Pitches National Competition, an event hosted by Galvanize.

The company continues to build momentum through a combination of word-of-mouth, user referrals, and creative marketing. In June, TurboTenant released a video that humorously depicted the implications of a rowdy housewarming party. The video, which cost less than $1,000 to create, has received over 55,000 views.

The company continues to grow rapidly. Turbo Tenant now offers their free landlord software in all 50 states and the company plans to remain completely free for landlords to use.

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