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Three Simple Ways to Drive Applicants to Your Vacancies


Filling vacancies is a continuous struggle for property managers, and apartment hunting is no small task for renters. With so many properties and websites to sort through, renters are looking for a quick and easy way to move into their new home.  

Here are 3 tips to simplify the process and help property managers drive applicants to their vacancies.

1.       An effective online visibility.

Nowadays, there are so many places to advertise vacancies online. Recent changes to Craigslist no longer allow convenient links back to company websites.  Renters must either copy and paste the link in a new tab, or pick up the phone to make an appointment, which is at the very least an inconvenience.  Numerous boutique websites and services have popped up to help those in search of a new place, all with one common goal – simplify the process.

For property managers looking to maximize visibility, 365 Connect offers services whichhelp develop an effective online presence.  According to Kerry W. Kirby, 365 Connect’s founder and CEO, the technology platforms are successful when they continuously follow how customers interact with search engines, marketing and media consumption, and 365 Connect often looks outside the multifamily housing industry to find answers.

“We have spent several years building data feeds off our platform to sites we see as the new breed of housing search engines and classified sites, as soon as a community site goes up on our platform, it starts pushing floor plans, pricing, photographs and amenities out across the Internet. It is viral marketing 101, as it automatically puts our client’s communities on multiple sites with zero effort on their part,” Kirby said.

In addition to syndicating leasing data, another unique twist that 365 Connect brings to the table is the ability to deliver a mixture of information and messages that begin on a property website and seamlessly post to social media sites. The mix includes leasing specials, community news and local events and which in turn entices a user to return to the property’s community website.

2.       Automate the showing of the rental.

Renters like simplicity and convenience when it comes to viewing a new home. Property managers and landlords can streamline apartment hunting by automating the showing of a rental, through a service such as ShowMojo. This online service allows renters to easily schedule an appointment with landlords, property managers, leasing agents or Realtors.

“ShowMojo’s goal is pretty ambitious. Our online scheduling and prospect nurturing features are tailored to streamline and simplify the leasing process for everyone; including landlords, property managers, leasing agents, and renters. Our customer base is full of up-and-coming landlords and property managers, who have acquired hundreds of new units sometimes spread across multiple counties, and need to find a better approach to leasing than just hiring more staff,” said Peter Schuh, ShowMojo founder and CEO.  

The online service works by clustering appointments into show windows using a technology called Smart Show. Details about the showings are shared via email and include a link potential renters can use to reschedule or cancel the appointment. Just add a listing, provide the information about the property, and include a photo.

The final step in the process is to select a link or button for the listing and add it to their online marketing and website. ShowMojo handles the rest by automating the appointments, sending notifications, confirm showings and coordinating schedules.

3.       Streamline the rental application and screening process.

Once apartment seekers find their next great place, it’s time to demonstrate what a great renter they will be. CIC, a nationwide leader in tenant screening products since 1986, understands that rental applicants and property management companies alike prefer to keep this process simple. That’s why CIC offers property management clients Ready2Apply, a streamlined online application and tenant credit check that’s quick and effective.

“Ready2Apply was developed as a way for us to help our clients save time and energy by expediting their rental application process”, said Ryan Green, CIC marketing manager. “We found that by eliminating the double entry required between the rental application and the information on the tenant background check, our clients could drastically improve their office processes.  We even found a way to streamline the application fee so that it can save our clients’ money in the process.”

While the forms are easily customizable, property managers also have the option of choosing from an array of templates provided by CIC. With Ready2Apply, the client links directly to an online application, which can be placed anywhere on a clients’ website.

The setup is easy and property managers can begin using the system quickly.  Property managers receive a customized application link for use on their website or within the content of their listings. The link can also be conveniently emailed direct to interested rental applicants.

The application fee is paid for online by the renter and the tenant screening report is processed instantly. Leasing forms are pre-populated, saving time for the rental applicant and property management team.

Apartment hunters will continue to look for a streamlined, no-hassle approach to finding and moving into their new place. Having an effective online visibility, automating the showing of the rental, and streamlining the application process is the best way to fill vacancies quickly and efficiently.

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