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Tech and real estate entrepreneur Roy Abrams set to launch networking and transaction website for the real estate industry


New website seeks to streamline deals and foster business connections with unparalleled platform

NEW YORK (November 22, 2013) - Roy Abrams, a long-time tech executive and real estate developer, has announced plans to launch a new website for the real estate industry in early 2014. The website, RealConnex, will provide a hub for professionals and companies to network and transact across numerous industry sectors and disciplines. RealConnex is the first business-to-business networking site strictly devoted to real estate professionals. It serves to provide the groundwork for real estate deals by targeting, aggregating and then matching members of the site with targeted business development opportunities.

With more than 25 years of experience in the technology field, Abrams began his career with Pink Software in 1985. He has held senior positions in Blue Chip technology companies throughout the UK, Africa and the U.S., including leadership posts at the Aspect Group and LBi. Aside from a substantial track record in the technology field, Abrams also has considerable experience in the real estate sector. As CEO of the GPI Group, Abrams developed significant real estate projects in eight different countries. With such a diverse background, Abrams brings a unique perspective to RealConnex as both a tech and real estate entrepreneur.

“RealConnex combines two of my great passions...real estate and technology," stated Roy Abrams. "When I transitioned from a career in technology to real estate development, I saw that there was no efficient way to source capital, hire contractors and also network with other professionals. It’s this personal experience that led me to launching RealConnex.”

RealConnex translates the sensitivities, confidentialities and legacy methods of an $11 trillion industry into a powerful and disruptive online solution. To be among the first to adopt this revolutionary real estate tool, users can pre-register at

About RealConnex

$150 - 200 billion of real estate transactions are executed annually in the United States by professionals across nine key disciplines: Developers, Investors, Lenders, Real Estate Advisers, Lawyers, Brokers, Design, Build, Engineering, etc. RealConnex matches these professionals to deals and to each other against sector-specific criteria. It allows members to build practical professional networking environments and develop new business in ways that were never possible before, at a fraction of the cost.

Best described as meets LinkedIn for the professional real estate community, RealConnex translates the sensitivities, confidentialities and legacy methods of an $11 trillion industry into a powerful and disruptive on-line solution. RealConnex, the first site of its type and an industry game changer, will emerge as the largest aggregator of real estate professionals in the world. 

RealConnex is a platform developed by Real Estate Professionals for Real Estate Professionals.

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For more information, please visit

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