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SPARK is the Best New Mobile CRM App for Commercial Real Estate Software


Sometimes it takes a SPARK to invigorate a sales pipeline. AMP Technologies latest Mobile CRM App enables Commercial Real Estate brokers to convert leads to new revenue easily. SPARK places all the data from thousands of leads in the hands of those who need it, and all updates are automatically synced with the Asset Management Platform in real time. SPARK is the tool needed to close deals fast, generate new revenue, and maintain a fast pace for steady growth.


With SPARK, users see their success and progress right on the home screen. Users can see the deals that have been successfully closed or regretfully lost. There is a breakdown of occupancy for the selected asset and a visual display of the complete contents of the Pipeline. SPARK displays actionable data that is organized taking the leasing Pipeline to the next level of productivity and revenue building.


SPARK is designed to be an easy tool for communication – both between brokers and leads, and between brokers and the home office. Users are able to swipe through customized levels of a pipeline to see plainly what leads are in which stage, and see the vital information for each prospect including contact info, suite info, and notes. With the necessary data a click or a swipe away, CRE professionals will never lose contact with hot leads and maintain a pipeline that moves steadily from prospect to revenue. Neel Naicker, CEO/Co-Founder, "The Commercial Real Estate world is ripe for disruption, and SPARK is the perfect answer to that call. Not only are we bringing mobility and accountability to one of the main pillars of asset management, but we are doubling down on our already astonishing Asset Management Platform".

SPARK is a new mobile App that works as a complement to AMP’s Asset Management Platform. SPARK automatically syncs all actions and updates to the platform keeping everyone in an organization connected in real time. SPARK can be downloaded at no cost in the App Store, and will be available soon on the Android Market. Commercial Real Estate Software will never be the same, and SPARK is the perfect product to disrupt the entire industry spurring it and you into the future!

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