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Sound and the City


  Sound and the City  

  GeoData Plus is First New York Real Estate Data Provider to Answer:  

  How Loud is it at that Address?  



GeoData Plus is New York's first provider of a new product that answers a very important real estate question: how loud an area is. The product is called Soundscore, and is developed by HowLoud, Inc. of Los Angeles. Soundscore aggregates the amount of vehicle, air traffic and business noise at a location and delivers a Soundscore that rates a location from 50 (very loud) to 100 (very quiet). Sound--noise or quiet--affects all New Yorkers' quality of life. Until HowLoud introduced Soundscore, going to a location was the only way to know just how loud or quiet the location is. 


GeoData Plus is a real estate data website used by real estate practitioners throughout the New York area. Investors, appraisers, agents and brokers use GeoData Plus on any internet device from a desktop to their smartphone to access property data, such as sales comparables, ownership information, building details, taxes and other information needed to complete a real estate transaction. Just like consumers, real estate professionals now consider more and more online local information when evaluating a house: how good the nearby schools are, what transportation is available, how walkable the neighborhood is, etc. But information on how loud or quiet a location is has been strikingly absent. HowLoud's data answers that need: Soundscore offers a crucial quality of life insight that helps consumers find the right home and helps professionals understand the home better. GeoData Plus customers can now access a property's Soundscore along with the rest of the property data on its site.    

Brendan Farrell, founder of HowLoud, says "Noise affects almost everybody every day. I wanted to find a quiet home, and none of the standard websites could help me. Now sites embed Soundscore into their listings and offer their users this information."    

Erik Wind, president of GeoData Plus, adds "Soundscore adds further value to the suite of property data available on our website, and initial feedback from some of our customers is quite positive."    

Contact: Brendan Farrell,, 310-707-7183.





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