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Solis Partners Completes Rooftop Solar PV Installation for Fiber-Optic Rotary Joint Manufacturer in


HAMILTON, N.J. – Solis Partners, a leading provider of commercial solar power systems, has announced that it has completed an installation of a 198-kilowatt rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system at Princetel, a fiber-optic rotary joint manufacturer based in Hamilton, N.J.

The system was designed, engineered and constructed by Manasquan, N.J.-based Solis Partners and installed on Princetel’s 41,500-square-foot facility at 2560 East State St., where the company produces fiber-optic rotary joints and allied products. Fiber-optic rotary joints (FORJs) are key coupling devices in winches, robotic vehicles, wind turbines, satellite antennas, high-definition broadcasting systems, medical imaging systems and submarines.

“We’re thrilled to announce the completion of Princetel’s rooftop solar PV system,” said Jamie Hahn, co-founder and managing director of Solis Partners. “The system not only serves a hedge against New Jersey’s increasing electricity costs, providing a competitive edge in an otherwise tough economy; but it’s also an extension of Princetel’s efforts to integrate sustainability into the company’s corporate DNA wherever possible.”

The Princetel system consists of 932solar panels, which are expected to produce approximately 223,182 kilowatt-hours of electricity in the first year of operation. This equates to the reduction of more than 339,284 pounds of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of offsetting the power demand of 19 residential homes or removing 30 cars from the road each year.

Princetel purchased the Hamilton, N.J. property in 2010, which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) categorized as a brownfield .  The company undertook major site remediation during which soil from the 3.2-acre lot was removed and replaced, including the soil from underneath the building.

“Implementation of sustainable practices and products wherever possible is fundamental to the culture at Princetel," said Barry Zhang, CEO of Princetel. "Our stakeholders recognize our commitment to environmental stewardship and we are excited to highlight this solar project as a natural extension of it.  Beyond the environmental benefits, we firmly believe the sustainable projects that we have undertaken make sound business sense."

Following the brownfield remediation, Princetel made significant upgrades to the building, for which it is now seeking Leader in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED “Gold” accreditation, a recognition awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.

LEED initiatives included installing new floors made with 100 percent recycled material; a 10,000-gallon rainwater harvesting system that accumulates and stores rainwater for uses such as flushing toilets and irrigation; and an energy-efficient air conditioning system. Princetel also has plans for a second phase of retrofits, which will include the installation of electric vehicle charging stations.

“Running a successful business doesn’t mean you have to ruin the environment,” said Zhang. “Rather, it has given me a platform to help it. Thinking holistically about our environmental impact is woven into the fabric of our company values and has created a culture for our employees.  This has resulted in a happy, engaged and more productive team.”

Princetel has not had any turnover since the company’s founding in 2000, which Zhang attributes to a corporate culture of trust and responsibility. The company has hired an average of one employee a month since occupying the new facility 10 months ago, he said.

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About Princetel

Princetel is a U.S.-based manufacturer of fiber optic rotary joint products. The company markets its products throughout the industrialized world and some developing countries including India and China (more than 30 countries). Princetel has a sterling reputation amongst its employees, vendors and customers for its responsiveness, reliability and trustworthiness. The company actively promotes social responsibility, group harmony and environmental awareness.

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