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Shared Office Spaces as Options for Small Business Owners in NY


New York City, 25 November 2014 - Leasing a traditional office space can mean huge expenses for small businesses.

In most cases, landlords and commercial space owners require their tenants to sign a contract that runs from 3 to 5 years. Maintaining this type of office can be a big commitment for most start-up enterprises. 

Fortunately, interested businesses can now explore less costly opportunities. Renting shared office space NYC New York is becoming increasingly a popular alternative for many. With this option, maintaining a professional business image and having access to a modern office no longer has to be a major investment.   

Aside from small business owners, traveling professionals also love the advantages of renting shared offices. This allows them to enjoy an efficient and convenient workplace where they can conduct transactions with contacts or do other work-related tasks.

In New York, business owners and travelers can check out available open desk spaces over at DeskZone. The platform’s listing currently includes the Columbus Circle Area, New York where there are 1 to 4 rentable desks for the price of $460 per desk. The desk space can be rented monthly or for a year, depending on the client’s preferences and requirements. Also, the location provides easy access to pantry and conference room, FIOS, WiFi, wired Ethernet, and several power outlets.

This is a cost-effective idea that can help concerned individuals achieve productivity in their work, even if they’re away from their office or do not actually have one.

DeskZone’s official website ( offers a comprehensive listing of available shared offices and spaces within New York City. Established in 2014, the platform provides valuable assistance to clients looking for modern office spaces and desks.

Located at 110 W 40th St #306, New York, NY, DeskZone can also be reached by phone via 212-608-7081 for booking. Email inquiries can be sent to

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