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REthink Real Estate CRM sees incredible growth in clients and team


REthink is not your ordinary Real Estate Customer Relationship Management application.  It is revolutionizing the way real estate professionals do business today.  By partnering with the world’s #1 CRM,, REthink quickly broke into an $18B+ industry and is able to deliver a robust yet flexible product, which allowed it to become one of the top-rated apps on the AppExchange.  REthink focuses on helping Residential & Commercial Real Estate agents and brokerages of all shapes and sizes.

Obstacles that many businesses encounter prior to implementing REthink are disjointed programs, lack of visibility, inconsistent business processes, and inefficient internal communication, just to name a few.  New clients turn to REthink to implement a CRM solution either for the first time or after becoming discouraged with other CRMs that are unable to adjust to fit their business models.  REthink CRM has become a hot commodity throughout the Real Estate community since being rated one of the top applications on the Salesforce AppExchangeand receiving rave reviews from existing customers.  

Chris Parish, Director of Sales remarked, “I have never seen anything like it, it is an exciting time to be involved in real estate technology. We are being inundated with leads coming in every day for real estate professionals looking to move their business to the cloud. We aren’t even doing any marketing or outbound campaigns right now.”

The popularity with REthink CRM became clear when it recently surpassed the 100,000+ user mark in over 20 countries, making it the leading real estate CRM application chosen by both residential and commercial real estate professionals on the Salesforce platform.  The word has spread fast and more and more real estate professionals are turning to new, cutting-edge technologies, such as REthink CRM, to help grow their businesses.

Managing new leads, existing clients, listings, and transactions has never been easier with REthink CRM.  With everything stored in the cloud, real estate professionals have access to their information anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device including the Iphone, Android, Blackberry or Windows devices.  The seamless automation that REthink provides allows the agents and brokers to focus on what they do best, close more deals.  REthink clients have been able to exceed their customers’ expectations and have greater success achieving their overall sales pipeline.  On average, REthink users see a 22% increase in sales, however we have seen increases of up to 800%!

The Think Tech Labs team is made up of energetic individuals who share a passion for empowering real estate professionals everywhere.  Victories are won with each and every client due to a fearless team, comprised of tech wizards and real estate gurus, who know how to join forces to design mind-blowing solutions.  The atmosphere at Think Tech Labs is always surging with excitement as ideas for new products and features are being bounced around.  Devoted, world-class leaders at TTL (Think Tech Labs) provoke innovation and empower the sales and delivery teams with the tools they need to achieve success.  All of which have contributed to Think Tech Labs’ latest award where they were selected by the Austin Business Journalas one of the best places to work in Central Texas!

As they say, “the only thing constant is change,” and the REthink team is on a mission to create a disruption in the real estate industry by delivering the most powerful product on the market, while continuing to evolve and grow with its customers over time.  The team is full of innovators who are coming up with the latest and greatest features to really “wow” clients.  The overall goal of REthink is to equip real estate professionals with everything they need to become top producers while maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

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