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RealPropti, a Commercial Real Estate Listing and Networking Platform, Launches in San Francisco


Innovative new platform brings transparency and accessibility to commercial real estate data


SAN FRANCISCO, CA (April 18th, 2016) -- RealPropti, a commercial real estate data, networking and property search platform, announced today the launch of their data portal in the San Francisco commercial real estate market. The groundbreaking platform provides professionals with access to thousands of commercial real estate listings, as well as a searchable database of brokers and lenders.


The RealPropti platform allows anyone to search by property, lender, broker or property requirement, giving them access to reliable data about properties they are interested in buying, selling or leasing. Along with listings posted by brokers themselves, RealPropti aggregates commercial listings from several MLS services to provide real estate professionals and investors with the largest free listing database in California.


Some of the cool features on RealPropti include:


  • Access to thousands of commercial properties available for sale/lease

  • Information provided at no cost to all commercial real estate interests

  • Advertising opportunities for all commercial brokers and lenders

  • Networking platform that makes commercial real estate transactions simple and successful

  • Transparency and accessibility


“After being an active member of the commercial real estate community for a decade, I knew there was a need for a platform that would organize the enormous amount of data available,” stated Raman Singh, founder of RealPropti. “The mission at RealPropti is simple; we bring transparency and data accessibility to the commercial real estate industry in a way that makes sense for the 21st century,” continue Singh.


About RealPropti


RealPropti is the first and only online platform to connect commercial real estate brokers, investors, tenants and commercial lenders in one place. The progressively innovative commercial real estate online property search portal was specifically designed to combine commercial real estate brokers, investors, tenants, and commercial lenders on a single platform. All of the parties have access to thousands of commercial listings which have never been displayed on a public portal for free. The goal of RealPropti  is to make commercial real estate data more accessible & transparent, helping brokers and lenders generate more leads, and connect investors with local brokers and lenders.


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