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RealMassive the Uber of CRE Is Newest Marketplace Partner


RealMassiveWe are so very pleased to welcome RealMassive, launched January 2014, out of Austin, Texas, as one of the newest Marketplace Partners to join theBrokerList.


Through this partnership theBrokerList team plans to make its commercial real estate industry members aware of the new technology that RealMassive offers. Their technology is powerful, efficient and transparent, all key features the industry yearns for.


RealMassive is building the technology needed to promote open-data collection and sharing in CRE. With premium marketing and analytics services built atop an open-data platform, RealMassive is helping industry professionals do more with their data than ever before.


Just recently launched is the Project Atlas tool, which is a mapping platform that will help you produce visually pleasing and more meaningful risk and opportunity visualizations in a fraction of the time traditionally spent. Learn more in this video.


To read first-hand what their current customers have to say, read the below testimonials.





volney_ campbell

Volney Campbell Co-Chairman and Principal, Colliers Austin

“Commercial Real Estate has been one of the last major markets to see disruptive technologies. RealMassive represents a pivot point for how data will be collected in the future and distributed to the professionals that use it.”



Zack Jamail Senior Associate, Peloton Commercial Real Estate

“RealMassive brings the opportunity to save time on administrative tasks and transfer this time to more lucrative efforts.”












Jay Lamy Principal, Aquila Commercial

“RealMassive brings openness, transparency and greater accuracy.”








Case McCoy Associate Tenant Rep, HPI Real Estate Services and Investments

“Times are changing and commercial real estate is headed towards an interactive technology. As a tenant rep, my goal is to provide everything I can to my clients, and RealMassive helps me do this through its collaborative platform.”









Mark Hernandez Marketing Manager, HPI Real Estate Services and Investments

“With RealMassive, prospective tenants are now able to access accurate market information that was once unavailable to many; which in turn is improving the process in which people look for workspace.”







Meredith Taylor   Stream Realty Partners

Meredith Taylor Graphic Designer, Stream Realty Partners

“I really believe in your company, and feel like what you offer is FAR superior to any of the other brands. We love working with you and your team!”




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If you are already a RealMassive customer, please show your support by leaving a Recommendation on their newly created Marketplace Partner page here!

RealMassive  Austin  TX


About theBrokerList: Founded in 2011, theBrokerList is the commercial real estate community’s first free online platform for finding brokers, deals, services and vendors. Founder Linda Day Harrison, a career commercial broker in Chicago, saw the need for an online community where brokers could connect with each other and with vital services and tools to make them more productive. She also made it theBrokerList’s 
mission to bring awareness and attention to the commercial real estate field, which is too often lumped in with residential realty. With more than 3500 members, theBrokerList continues to grow rapidly, offering members pages where they can publicize their listings, property types needed and completed transactions. 
The website’s marketplace lists carefully screened vendors, and its blog is a forum where members and visitors can read some of the latest ideas in commercial real estate.

About RealMassive: RealMassive is the first source for real-time commercial real estate information. We provide a powerful yet easy way to help commercial real estate professionals collaborate and streamline their marketing efforts while gaining critical insight into the performance of their commercial real estate listings.

With RealMassive, commercial real estate professionals are in charge of their own data, which means fresh and reliable listings are on our site, always. With an easy to use interface and premium marketing tools, marketing managers and listing reps are able to cut time executing repetitive tasks, and market their spaces all at once. Tenant reps now have access to accurate availability data, with the ability to analyze spaces collaboratively with their customers.

Our data moves with the market, never behind it. RealMassive is headquartered in Austin, TX, and currently serves the following markets:

Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Orange County
Saint Paul
San AntonioSan Diego
San Francisco
Silicon Valley
St. Louis



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