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RealConnex To Integrate Business Development Opportunities in Nine Primary Real Estate Verticals


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(New York City – December 13, 2013) RealConnex, a new platform for real estate professionals that creates opportunities to connect and transact, will initially focus on nine primary market sectors. These sectors include: developers and sponsors, owners and operators, investors, lenders, advisers, professional services, designers, builders and engineers. The RealConnex platform allows members to build efficient professional and networking environments, and develop new business in ways that were never possible before in the fragmented real estate industry.

By pre-registering and signing up for one of the nine new target markets, real estate professionals can enter into an online community of like-minded professionals. This network helps facilitate business transactions and connects professionals to others who work in the same discipline. This innovative tool makes conducting a transaction easier and more efficient. After pre-registration, new subscribers can write a review of their RealConnex experience.

RealConnex, the first site of its type and an industry game changer, is emerging as the largest aggregator of real estate professionals in the world. RealConnex is a platform developed by real estate professionals for real estate professionals. Visit www. and see what all of the buzz is about.

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About RealConnex

$150 - 200 billion of real estate transactions are executed annually in the USA by professionals across 9 key disciplines: Developers, Investors, Lenders, Real Estate Advisors, Lawyers, Brokers, Design, Build, Engineering, etc. RealConnex matches these professionals to deals and to each other against sector specific criteria. It allows members to build practical professional networking environments and develop new business in ways that were never possible before, at a fraction of the cost.

Best described as meets LinkedIn for the professional real estate community, RealConnex translates the sensitivities, confidentialities and legacy methods of an $11 trillion industry into a powerful and disruptive on-line solution. RealConnex, the first site of its type and an industry game changer, will emerge as the largest aggregator of Real Estate professionals in the world. 

RealConnex is a platform developed by Real Estate Professionals for Real Estate Professionals.

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