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RealConnex and The News Funnel Announce Joint Venture


Two real estate tech sites form content partnership

NEW YORK CITY (November 12, 2013)The News Funnel, a fast-growing real estate news search engine, and RealConnex, a stealth new real estate networking site expecting to launch by the year’s end, have announced a joint venture agreement. Under this unique agreement, The News Funnel will exclusively supply the RealConnex website with customized news feeds for its subscriber base.

The News Funnel has built the largest news search engine in the real estate industry covering more than 2,000 feeds and content from nearly 1,000 companies as well.  The site's technology allows users to create customized news feeds based on their location, industry sector and areas of interest.

RealConnex is a dynamic online real estate organization that is the world’s first business-to-business transactional web platform for real estate property developers, owners, lenders and professionals. The site aggregates commercial real estate professionals, companies and their resources in one location. RealConnex is launching in early 2014.

"RealConnex is one of the most exciting networking and transactional platforms I have ever seen and we are therefore delighted to play a role in helping build out the site by providing a rich, dynamic source of news content," states Michael Beckerman, CEO/founder, The News Funnel.

Roy Abrams, CEO/founder of RealConnex added, "News is an integral part of our site's platform and we could think of no other content partner than The News Funnel. Their proprietary tool allows all of our subscribers to create their own customized news feeds as part of their RealConnex experience."


About RealConnex:

RealConnex matches real estate professionals to emerging and relevant engagement opportunities that fit specific services and client profile.  It saves professionals time by more closely qualifying deals and clients with which they want to engage.  RealConnex provides tools that will grow and improve the economics of doing business in the real estate sector in ways that were never possible before.

Roy Abrams, a technology entrepreneur and real estate developer, founded RealConnex. The site has offices in New York and Miami and is currently hiring in all facets of its business.

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About The News Funnel

The News Funnel is the largest news search engine for the real estate industry. The free site has thousands of feeds, sources, and indexes from industry-specific trade publications, major media sources, companies and professionals. In addition to searching for information, subscribers of The News Funnel can create customized news feeds based on their personalized home page, which refreshes 24/7.

In addition to pulling in news from thousands of media sources, The News Funnel features Company News Channels – web pages available at no charge to companies seeking to upload press releases, event notifications, blogs and market research reports, which are then distributed into the funnels of subscribers.

The News Funnel is currently available in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York, Orlando, Pennsylvania, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Portland, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Atlanta, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Phoenix, Denver and Detroit with new markets being expanded to on a regular basis.

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