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In the real estate world, it's extremely important to stay on top of your transactions; otherwise, you may lose your deals or even end up with complicated legal problems. Although transactions follow a very similar pattern, they do differ in nature and may be rather complex.

The keys to handling and successfully closing multiple transactions are diligence and having a system in place to handle transactions efficiently and save time for sales activities.

Brokermint is the solution you need – with it, you can:

  • Store listings and purchase transactions
  • Create unlimited number of checklist templates
  • Handle tasks and documents on one combined list
  • Receive smart notification emails regarding outstanding items
  • Notify all transaction participants about tasks due
  • Sophisticated templates with ability to populate due dates based on acceptance, listing, closing and escrow dates
  • Keep track of documents, tasks, contacts, files, and comments within your transactions
  • Specify due dates and view “numbers of days before due” for each item
  • Assign multiple checklists: Listing, Sale, Escrow, Post-closing, etc.
  • Un-assign a checklist from a transaction without losing the attached files
  • Share transactions with colleagues and clients
  • Assign a series of tasks every time your transaction enters a new phase


On top of advanced transaction flow management, you also get unlimited file storage for key information, accessible anytime – around the clock, seven days a week – from any device with a browser. The “download transaction archive” function enables you to have a backup of all uploaded documents for compliances purposes.

Log in today and give the system a free trial run. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

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