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RDM Introduces New Rentable Area Calculator in Real Access


Quickly Compute REBNY & BOMA Calculations

Our Real Access Commercial software features many great tools to help your organization Market, Manage and Lease buildings; including vibrant stacking diagrams, detailed floor plans and the benefits of accessing your information from the cloud using your iPad or smartphone. Now, RA has received two more feature updates; the Rentable Area Calculator and enhanced Print/Save to PDF features.

Rentable Area Calculator (RAC)

Our Rentable Area Calculator (RAC) allows users to adjust loss factors on a single or multi tenanted floor to determine rentable office area (or vice versa) for loss factors. With this built in calculator add-on you’ll now be able to effortlessly explore different loss factor scenarios.


Enhanced Print/Save to PDF

We’ve also modified the printing and saving of floor plans to make it easier and more efficient for you. By clicking the print icon you’ll be instructed by default to save or open the respective floor layout in PDF format.  By opening the file in Adobe you’ll be able to print a floor plan for distribution.


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09/20/2013 - 14:43


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