Proud to Play Our Part in the Community


Mahoneys Framing, which this year marks 40 years in business, has been announced as the Gold recipients in the Lord Mayor’s commendations. Every year, the Lord Mayor celebrates the success of small businesses in the city of Melbourne and recognises their ongoing contribution to the local community.

Mahoneys owner, Greg Mahoney, has worked hard throughout the years, not just in offering picture framing solutions, but also to benefit his city of Melbourne. Here, locals know that Mahoneys is more than just a business, it is a dedicated member of the community, committed as ever to the continuing improvement of the great city of Melbourne.

In 1988 Greg moved his picture framing store to Hardware Lane, one of the first businesses to do so, and soon became president of the Hardware Precinct Association. Here he worked tirelessly to realise his vision of turning the laneway into what it is today – a bustling, exciting retail haven. His hard work was rewarded when he received the inaugural Melbourne Award in recognition of his achievements in transforming the lane, and helping to make Melbourne a more liveable city. The lane today exemplifies Melbourne’s famous laneway culture, featuring bars, cafes, retail businesses and live jazz music.

Throughout the years Mahoneys has also worked alongside many local charities. Most recently donating to a silent auction held by Children’s Ground, a charity dedicated to tackling inequality and poverty across Australia. Mahoneys has pledged to continue to reach out to charities and work alongside them, contributing where possible to issues that matter.

Today, Mahoneys is now looking to the future and to the next 40 years in business. The company website has been expanded so customers can now buy not just frames, but prints online too. Greg says, “Over the years there have been many challenges and in particular over the last 4-5 years. The shopping habits of our customers has changed significantly. However, we have continued to evolve with the launch of Mahoneys Frames Online and the soon to launch, Mahoneys Prints Online. We are very excited about our future as we can now service clients Australia wide.”

That is why Mahoneys Framing and owner Greg have been recognized time and time again with awards and accolades. Being a member of the community has always been incredibly important to Mahoneys and the future will see a continuation of working with local charities, organizations and individuals to contribute to the city. Alongside this, Mahoneys continues to grow and adapt from “just” a picture framing store, to much more. As Mahoneys accepts the Lord Mayor’s commendation and enters into another year of picture framing in Melbourne, it will remain an important part in the community whilst working to continue satisfying customers.

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08/24/2020 - 22:00