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Powerhouse real estate marketing tool less than two weeks from launch. Early signup has started


SEATTLE, Washington—June 12, 2014—Miga Col.labs and Walkthrough Media today announce the opening of early access sign-up to Mividio, a mobile media application designed specifically for real estate professionals.

Mividio allows agents to take total control of their photography, virtual tours and marketing assets while seamlessly connecting with almost every social media and real estate listing service currently available.

“Any real estate professional will be able to make Mividio start working for them right out of the box,” said Paul Clark, Walkthrough Media’s CEO and Founder. “With the rapid adoption of cloud-based asset management and social media based viral marketing, Mividio is set to revolutionize the way real estate professionals can manage their message as well as their time.”

With nothing more than a mobile device and a Mividio account, an agent can walk through a property, take pictures and record video, then create printable, sharable, digital brochures ready for social networking and advertising, all within minutes.

“We’ve been able to utilize the most state-of-the-art when building Mividio, and are excited about this partnership with Walkthrough Media. Together we are combining deep industry knowledge with the latest technologies to offer Mividio, a truly personalized cloud, with smart automation and easy-to-use tools for mobile media management,” said Mat Mathews, the Technologist for Miga Col.labs.

Visit to sign up for early access to Mividio. Official launch June 23, 2014



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