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Poe (0.16) Brings Broker Search & Report Customization


Agorafy rolled out its newest release, named "Poe" (0.16) this week and looks to further its goal of becoming the digital home for New York's commercial real estate community. Among the newest features is Broker Search, giving users the ability to search for professionals by areas of expertise. Also, Custom Reports gives users the ability to customize the reports they print from Agorafy prior to sending or presenting them to a client.

Broker Search

The Broker Search feature allows property owners, tenants, brokers and other professionals to search for specialists in the area where they need representation. Users can select which borough and neighborhood they are focused on as well as the areas of concentration (Landlord Representation/Tenant Representation) and area of expertise (Retail Leasing/Office Leasing/Building Management).

Broker Search

Agorafy populates and ranks the results based on the number of exclusives brokers have in the selected neighborhood(s). This gives property owners and commercial tenants a very strong idea of who is the go-to expert in the selected neighborhood.

Broker Search ResultsAgorafy also uses information provided by each broker in their Professional Profile to populate search results and ranks them accordingly. This feature is especially important for brokers who specialize in Tenant Representation and Building Management and may not have a large number of exclusives on the market.

Customized Reports

The newest release "Poe" also gives users the ability to customize the reports they print from Agorafy. This feature comes in extremely useful when brokers want to present clients with available listings via e-mail or when taking them on a tour of the property.

Users can select properties to be included in a report and then have Agorafy generate the pdf.

Add listings and properties to a printable report.Agorafy users have the option when printing a report to generate the report "As Is" with the exclusive brokers contact information, or they can customize the report with their own contact information which is pre-populated by Agorafy. 

Customize reports with your contact information.Both the Broker Search feature and Custom Reports are live as we speak. Remember to update your Professional Profile so that property owners and tenants can find you via the Broker Search.

Open Showings on Agorafy

Agorafy doesn't just view itself as a data provider to the commercial real estate community.

Every day our developers are working to build new features which allow brokers to maximize their time and work more efficiently. Agorafy is giving them an open platform to focus on building relationships and arranging deals. 

We recently announced the Open Showings feature in this post. Check out the article published in the New York Real Estate Journal (NYREJ) highlighting this new feature.


"Oswald" and Maximizing Your Time

The latest release "Oswald" (0.15) went live this week, introducing two new features giving brokers and property owners the ability to post "Open Showings" for their listings as well as the ability to research historical listings for selected properties.

Maximize Your Time with Your Showings

By now you know the drill. Every time you sign on a new exclusive, you prepare the marketing material, get it out to the marketplace, then line up the numerous showings as the interest rolls in. Agorafy wants to help you maximize your time by giving you the platform to introduce new listings to the marketplace and schedule an open showing where a large number of brokers and prospective tenants can preview the space. 

For any exclusive listing that you have, you can set up an open showing and notify Agorafy users of a date and time that you have set up to allow a large number of brokers and potential tenants to preview the space. Brokers can then RSVP by e-mail. 

You can set up and manage Open Showings under your listings section on the Dashboard.Agorafy users can see if there are any upcoming Open Showings on the listing page.Past Listing Data--Off-Market Comparables

Also new this month is the ability to view past listings which have recently been leased. Agorafy already provides continuously updated and verified retail and office listings, giving brokers, owners, and tenants a real time snapshot of what's available and the market's pricing. With past listing data, Agorafy is taking the next step and making the full wealth of knowledge in our system available to users.

On the Property Page along with all current available listings, users will have the ability to switch between on-market listings and off-market listings to see past asking prices and where available, what the space actually leased for. 

Click on the "Unavailable Listings" link to view off-market listings for the property.


A digital home for commercial real estate

Heading into 2013, Agorafy tackles the larger goal of becoming the digital home of New York's commercial real estate community. 

How so? By focusing on the quality of the data and increasing exposure through the Professional Profile. 

Check out the article published in the latest issue of the New York Real Estate Journal. 


Agorafy Sets Out to Change Commercial Brokers' Culture

Real estate professionals need to have a culture. But what is commercial real estate culture? More importantly, is there one standard commercial real estate culture across the board for every firm? 

In a word, culture is community. It is the result of brokers effectively interacting with one another. Any broker community includes two rather important components: sociability, a measure of friendliness among members of a community, and solidarity, measuring that community's ability to pursue shared objectives. Agorafy aims to create higher levels of both on one central platform. 

Richard Du, founder and CEO of Agorafy believes each broker plays an important role in that community. When the broker is strong, the whole community will be strong too. 

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