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Planned Companies Prepares You For Spring Cleaning


PARSIPPANY, N.J. (April 29, 2014)Planned Companies, a leader in the janitorial, maintenance, security and concierge services industry, would like to remind you that spring cleaning season has arrived with a quick checklist on how to get yourself started:

Step 1: Put together a portable “cleaning kit.” Pack up a box, crate or bag with an arsenal of cleaning supplies that can be easily moved from room to room.

Step 2: Start with the wash. Gather all slipcovers, blankets, bedding, pillows and anything else that can be cleaned. Don’t stop until it’s all done!

Step 3: De-clutter, tidy and pitch. Use laundry baskets or boxes and assign one to each area of your house. Have a box for things you’d like to reorganize and another one for things that you could stand to throw away. Go through the fridge, medicine cabinets, magazine racks and mail organizers to make sure there is no wasted space. These are great activities for kids as well; so if you have them, put them to work!

Step 4: Get dirty. Using the same technique from room to room, start by cleaning the windows and the floorboards, then dust (be sure not to neglect the blinds and the fans), wipe the counters and sweep the floors.

Step 5: The most straightforward of them all: vacuum and mop to give everything in your house a nice, new sheen!

Step 6: Put away your clean linens, add some fresh flowers and light a candle. It’s now time to enjoy your fresh, clean new space!

While the above guidelines are a great starting point for homeowners to begin their personal spring cleaning efforts, building owners and managers often cannot devote the same amount of time to these minor details. Planned Companies provides the perfect solution for these busy individuals through its Clean, Inc. division, which focuses on janitorial and maintenance services for commercial structures. For more information about Clean, Inc. or Planned Companies, please visit the company website here

About Planned Companies

Planned Companies, which consists of Planned Building Services, Planned Security Services and Planned Lifestyle Services, provides industry leading janitorial, maintenance, security and concierge services. With a workforce of over 1,700, Planned currently services residential, corporate, retail and commercial properties across seven states - CT, NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA, and D.C. Planned Companies is an industry leading real estate service organization, providing janitorial, maintenance, security guard and concierge/doorman solutions throughout the Northeast. Planned Companies is comprised of four professional real estate service divisions: Planned Building Services, Inc. - Planned Security Services, Inc. - Planned Lifestyle Services, Inc. and Clean, Inc. Planned Companies, through its four divisions, serves a wide array of clients, including corporate, residential (rental, condo and co-op), commercial and retail properties in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.


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