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Pavonis Group Adds Richard Boyd as new parter; Advances its focus on 3D virtualization offerings



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Real Estate technology company launches Pavonis Property Immersion Xperiences (PIX)

Houston, TEXAS – October 1, 2013- The Pavonis Group, the real estate technology and advisory company, has launched its Pavonis Property Immersion Xperiences (PIX), division. Mark Kingston, former CEO of Argus Software and managing partner at Pavonis, described PIX as the umbrella division for the various immersive 3D technologies Pavonis is developing for its clients, which include a range of interactive virtual building and space tours, property management, risk management and security software and tools. The recently announced ReOptix™ joint venture with Iomnis Surveillance Solutions will be folded into this new division.


Through PIX, Pavonis is making a commitment to be the leader in the realm of visualization technology for the real estate marketplace. Key to ensuring their cutting edge quality and innovation is the recent inclusion of 3D technology guru Richard Boyd, developer of visualization ventures that include 3dVillage, Virtus Corporation (Red Storm Entertainment with Tom Clancy, iRock Entertainment with Ozzy Osborne, Timeline Computer Entertainment with Michael Crichton), Hollywood set design and software (The Abyss with David Cameron, Mission: Impossible with Brian DePalma), and 3Dsolve, Inc, now Virtual World Labs, purchased by Lockheed Martin in 2007.


Boyd who has joined The Pavonis Group as a partner and will serve as a lead advisor to PIX, is excited about the timing and the innovative immersive products being developed for real estate and government clients. “The timing is excellent, recognizing Pavonis’ efforts to take the leadership in the market, I see it all coming together,” says Boyd. “After two decades of having the technology, we finally have the band width and processor speeds to make it all possible.”


Boyd notes that Pavonis’ capabilities are pushing the virtual standard from the presentation of “dead worlds” to a place where human beings can actually be immersed in a situation and make intelligent decisions that affect their daily lives.


“Real estate is the largest asset class on the planet, and can often be the most expensive purchase an individual or company can make in their lives,” Boyd added. “Clearly, the delivery of Pavonis’ PIX products that can better inform the buyer and shorten the sales cycle is a serious development for the real estate world.”


Having launched its ReOptix products at ExpoReal in Germany in early October, Pavonis will be exhibiting at the 2013 National Multi Housing Conference in Dallas as well as attending the NAREIT conference in San Francisco the week of November 11.  “We are excited to share our vision with the international real estate community,” said Kingston, “In revolutionizing the way you can experience space, we hope to create a comprehensive offering of integrated technology, data and services to materially increase the liquidity of the global real estate industry.”



About Pavonis(

The Pavonis Group was created by leaders from the top echelons of success, who are committed to creating and integrating disparate technology, data and services into one platform, bringing efficiency to the global real estate industry.


Pavonis’ operational, founding partners include Mark Kingston, Demetrios Louziotis, Soh Har Pang and Patrick Ng, all former executives with Argus; Jeffrey Finn, former CEO of NAI Global; Ken Harrison, former CEO of Colliers International Valuation and Advisory Services; Jeff Fisher, Professor Emeritus of Real Estate at Indiana University; Theodore Stratis, former CIO from ING Real Estate; Colin Duthie who held leadership positions at Credit Suisse and UBS; 3D visualization guru Richard Boyd, and real estate legal expert, Glenn Petillo. The global presence of Pavonis is further enhanced by Investment Partners Felix B. Maduro, Vice-President of Agencias Feduro, a leading distribution company of personal care and food products in the Republic of Panama and Yuichiro Kawaguchi, Professor of Real Estate Finance at Waseda University in Japan.




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