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Outsourcing of Office Administration



Millennium Companies specializes in general office and construction management services for new and existing businesses and has served Southern Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California for over 20 years. 


What Makes Millennium Companies Unique
We provide services for the formation of a business, reorganizing an existing business and provide free integrated custom software ( a $15,000 value), guidance and manpower for complete operations, minimizing overhead costs by 50% and maximizing profitability by 35%.

Lowers Overhead by 50% - No need for overstaffing.  Millennium Companies provides the personnel for every aspect of office administration duties.

Maximizes Profitability by 35% - No more Federally required Health Insurance and Benefits, no more payroll related expenses (all Federal and State payroll taxes for most employees).  You will have more time to concentrate on increasing your companies visibility and business.

Reduces Stress - Millennium Companies takes the everyday stresses ( will my employees show up, do they know what their job duties are, how do they communicate with my customers,etc..) out of your hands and manages your business to perform as a well oiled machine.

There is 100% confidentiality of your companies business.

The most unique component of our company - we come to you and work with you in your office environment.

Millennium Companies provides a complete package or customizes our services to your specific needs.  Our services are guaranteed.

You can contact us through our website or call us at (702) 601-9510 to schedule a FREE evaluation of your business and consultation of how Millennium Companies can help you and your business achieve success.

Look for our August Newsletter:  Construction Management and Integrated Software
Mike Morton
Millennium Companies
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