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Industry Leaders to Explore Blockchain Applications to Streamline Operations

San Diego, CA, June 14, 2017 - Today, OSCRE International announced the launch of its Blockchain Initiative to explore applications of this emerging technology in the commercial real estate industry. The announcement was made at the RealComm/IBCon Conference, a leading industry conference focused on the intersection of technology, innovation and real estate operations. Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger that manages the way information is stored and shared between parties. 

"There is growing acceptance of blockchain's value to streamline business operations, and our industry needs to catch up," said David Karpook, OSCRE's chairman and a strategic consultant for Planon Software. "Given the transactional nature of our business, we cannot afford to be left behind because we chose to do nothing. We must be proactive," he added.
The OSCRE Blockchain Initiative is bringing a diverse group of leaders together to explore the possibilities of this emerging technology specific to the industry's operational and investment needs. By design, this Initiative will include both a corporate real estate and investment perspective, and will be international in scope. 
The OSCRE Initiative will identify business opportunities where these technologies will have the greatest impact and follow through with pilot projects. Blockchain technology can facilitate smart contracts, cryptocurrency transfers and much more.
"Data integrity is critical to blockchain platforms, and this initiative complements OSCRE's core focus on real estate information exchange standards and data governance," said Lisa Stanley, CEO of OSCRE International. We look forward to working with industry leaders to forge new collaborations on blockchain and other emerging technologies."
About OSCRE International:
OSCRE International's mission is to guide and inform the commercial real estate community on how information standards and technology maximize value, today and tomorrow. The recently launched OSCRE Academy and its Data Governance Program is the first of its kind in the industry to educate participants on the critical areas of data governance in commercial real estate, including data integration and aggregation, and the impact of emerging technologies.
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